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"Alignment" refers to vibrational harmony. When you and your beliefs and your actions all point in the same direction, the combined vibrations amplify and attract. Life gets easier. 

Sure, sometimes our path is obscured by an obstacle we must struggle to overcome. We learn from that effort and are made stronger from it. But Hustle--the difficult, continual, willful, uphill slog--is depleting. It violates the 5 Non-Negotiables of Personal Success and diminishes our capacity. Hustle is a sign to check your alignment:  8 Things We Unknowingly Do Over and Over that Block Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

There was a group of old men in my old neighborhood who prided (and amused) themselves by using a divining rod to find the best places to drill wells. They were accurate most of the time. What they were leveraging was the stick's resonance to the water below ground; it literally vibrated in their hands as it pulled toward its source.

Guess what--YOUR BODY IS A DIVINING ROD! Learn to tune in to its vibration and it will lead you toward YOUR source. This issue of TYJ gives you practical tips for doing just that.
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Alignment & The Opposite of Burnout

Developing your awareness of alignment is a key tool in avoiding burnout. Here are references from  The Opposite of Burnout - 5 Career Strategies to Feel Valued, Be Heard and Make a Difference  for using alignment to beat burnout.

On Conflicting Values: what to do when company stated values are not followed by leadership; employee and company values are not in alignment. (p 6)

On Finding Your Mission: Get aligned with your passions and your gifts. (p 39)

On Job Crafting: Seek points of alignment between your employer's mission and your own. (p 44)

On Mindful Organization: Living in alignment with your priorities requires you to put a keen "eyeball of awareness" on all you do, what fills your space, and what you give your time to, with increasing demand that everything support, not undermine, your goals. (p 50)
On Getting Real About Time Requirements: Review your calendar objectively: Does your use of time align with your priorities? (p 52)
On Your Relationship with the Space You Occupy: You change, your needs change, so the space needs to change. When it begins to get messy or feel bad, it's time to ask yourself "What's not working here?" and make the necessary changes to keep it in alignment with your brand. (p 57)
On Nonverbal Communication: Creating alignment between you message and your non-verbal communication amplifies your effectiveness and reinforces your brand. Be conscious of the many ways you communicate nonverbally: tone of voice, word choice, the position of your body, clothing, jewelry, habits, facial expressions, vocal sounds, appearance, posture, and many, many more. Everything about you is a form of non-verbal communication. (p 68 - 69)
On Saying "No:" Set your default response to requests to "hesitation." Be ruthless about only accepting tasks that are in alignment with your values and priorities. (p 80)
5 Alignment Practices

Holding the principle of MITDO (moving in the direction of),  begin with just one of these practices to playfully apply to your day. Have fun. Be curious. Adjust as necessary.

Let me know how it goes for you-- email me! I love to hear your experiences.
Know the Difference Between YES and NO

Your body is wise. It has registered every experience you've ever had, every emotion, and can potentially access Universal knowledge. Learn your body's language and you will gain its wisdom. Your body 
has a binary response to opportunity--it either likes it, or it doesn't. It uses a particular physical sensation--a gut feeling, or a something in the chest, for example--to signal you should move toward the object/opportunity in question, or away from it.

Explore your body's language by asking it yes/no questions, and then noticing sensations or movements that arise. A more formal approach to tapping this wisdom is to use muscle testing . It takes some practice at first, but becomes automatic very quickly. You will use it to decide on everything from taking an aspirin to taking a trip.
Do More of What Feels Good, Less of What Feels Bad

Start to notice what you like--what lifts you up and brings out your best self--and focus on creating more if it. Bring in more of the experiences, people and environment that FEEL good. When energies align, they feel good, so feeling good is a good sign :)

Note the fine line:

Self compassion = feeling your feelings

Self indulgence = escaping or numbing your feeling


What felt good today? Can you do a little more of it tomorrow?

Collaborate with the Divine

Carl Jung invented the word, "synchronicity," and Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it best, here.

Dr. Wayne Dyer explains Synchronicity
Dr. Wayne Dyer explains Synchronicity

What You Expect, You Experience

Your mind is always going to be doing something, why not have it work in auto-pilot for your benefit? An intention is just a sort of mental touchstone, something to return your thoughts to over and over again. Don't worry when your thoughts drift; it is actually the experience and effort of returning to your Intention that strengthens and reinforces it.

Setting empowering intentions is as simple as deciding what you want to experience in a situation...[ Read more]
An Ideal or Mission Statement
Your Highest Value

Planted in your very core essence--in every aspect of self--is a value you hold so highly you probably don't even see it. Discover what it is and allow it to guide your life, and you will be eternally in alignment.

"An ideal is not a goal. It is a motivational standard by which to evaluate our goals and our reasons for pursuing those goals. The goal is what; the ideal is why! A spiritual ideal is not so much a goal toward which we move as it is the spirit in which we grow. It is a living and dynamic standard by which we quicken and measure our daily motivation." (Puryear, 1982, p. 112)

Identify your Ideal and translate it to a Mission Statement. See Lagniappe for my gift to you: a free bundle of Life Purpose Handouts.
 Your  Lagniappe

What's Your Mission?

Your life mission matters! Send me an email with subject line, "Living My Mission," and I will send you this bundle of Workshop material:
  • Sample Mission Statements
  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Accomplishment and Success Worksheet
  • Admired People Worksheet
  • Strengths Within Faults Worksheet
  • Three Categories of Talent Worksheet
  • Jungian Personality Inventory