Damnation Spring by Ash Davidson. This epic novel, set in 1977, tells the story of a Pacific Northwest logging town pulled apart by a mystery that threatens to derail its way of life. The stirring of the pot begins when Colleen Gunderson, a mother and midwife, becomes disturbed by an increase in local miscarriages - including her own - and starts to investigate. Her suspicion is that they're caused by the pesticides used by the Sanderson Timber Company, which employs her husband - and most of the rest of the town. For decades, the herbicides the logging company uses were considered harmless, but Colleen is no longer so sure. Unfortunately, her search for answers drives not only a wedge in her marriage but also divides a town that lives and dies on timber. 

While comparisons to Richard Power's environmental novel The Overstory are inevitable, Damnation Spring has also been compared to the writings of John Steinbeck and Annie Proulx. Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say: "Davidson's impressive debut chronicles life in a working-class community so thoroughly that the reader feels the characters' anguish as they're divided over environmental concerns that threaten their lives and livelihoods....The depiction of ordinary people trapped by circumstances beyond their control makes for a heart-wrenching modern American tragedy."