Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Noted journalist Woodward has written two previous books about the Trump presidency, and I think many of us were hoping a third volume wasn't necessary. Alas, the former president refuses to go gentle into that good night, which has made the past year's transition from Trump to Joe Biden a rather precarious period in American history. Peril describes the last days of Trump's presidency and his refusal to accept a convincing loss, while also tracking Biden's run for office and the new president's responses to myriad challenges. The contrast, not surprisingly, is stark, startling, and revealing of both men.

Woodward has always been known for thorough and far-reaching research that provides a wealth of information and insight, from the salient to the mundane. Those efforts continued with Peril and have already led to pre-publication leaks that have given Gen. Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at least 15 minutes of fame. There's lots to read in all 72 chapters of the 500+ pages, not all of it totally captivating but with enough nuggets to sate most readers. Woodward and his new writing partner, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, clearly wanted the transition turmoil and January 6 insurrection to be the focal point of this book, and their attention to those extraordinary machinations produces many fly-on-the-wall moments for readers - including Mike Pence soliciting advice about his ability to nullify election results from another former Vice President - Dan Quayle. Yikes.