Hutto Lutheran Church Health Plan - Now in Phase 2
"Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you..." Isaiah 41:10 (NRSV)
Update to Hutto Lutheran Health Plan
With 2 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Travis County, we move to Phase 2 of our health plan.

All church programs are currently operating at phase 2. Below is our plan for the coming days/weeks.
With the 2 confirmed cases in Travis county, the source of those individuals who are positive for COVID-19 is KNOWN. This means that our area is NOT under the phases of person-to-person or community spread.

Church council has divided up the church membership roster for easy communication and checking in on everybody. Expect to get a call from one of them or myself - if you are a church member and do not get a call by next week, please let Pastor Katie know. If you have a need, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Katie (210-416-3059).

We realize that while the community at large is still in a phase where there is no person to person spread or community spread - our church demographic has many in the category of being most vulnerable. i.e. age, preexisting health conditions, limited access to healthcare

In these times we are reminded of our call as people of faith to love neighbor as our selves. Let's look out for one another, let's take care of each other, let's join our faith and our hearts in prayer and in trust that God our Creator loves us and cares for us.

Online worship will be Sunday at 10:30am and Wednesday at 7pm. The "how?" of that is being worked out. Keep an eye out for those details and how to join in Sunday and Wednesday for a time of prayer, scripture and reflection.

Please remember the points below to slow any kind of spread of sickness and keep the most vulnerable safe.

Personal Preparedness : For 80% of cases, COVID-19 is a mild illness that does not require hospitalization. We cannot eliminate COVID-19 but we can limit its spread by:
• Washing hands with soap and water frequently
• Avoiding touching our face (mouth, nose, eyes)
• Staying home when sick until the illness is resolved (vomiting, fever, nose drainage, lethargic, sore throat, cough, rash, diarrhea, etc.)
• Covering coughs and sneezes with tissue and washing hands afterwards
• Staying away from others who are ill 
We appreciate your attention to these simple, yet critical steps!
Phase 2 - Where we are now - A confirmed case is in Travis or Williamson County or a confirmed case is within our faith community (or deemed necessary sooner)
  • Worship will happen in an online format only.
  • All meetings or gatherings will take place in virtual spaces only.
  • All activities at church facilities will be canceled/postponed/suspended.

Phase 1:
  • No handshaking or hugs. Sharing of the Peace will take place but in a verbal format only. Pastor Katie will greet you as you leave but no handshakes.
  • Encourage hand-washing.
  • Please stay home if sick.
  • Altar guild will use gloves to prepare communion, Pastor Katie and communion assistant will sanitize hands before distribution. Please also try and not touch their hands as you receive communion.
  • Offering plates will be stationary. Please place your offering in the plate as you enter church.
  • No food will be served - potlucks/mid-week meals suspended until safe to gather. Munch and mingle will be pre-packaged snacks only. Coffee will not be served.
  • Feed the 5,000 will operate on a to-go basis only.
  • An online gathering of some kind will be offered for those who choose not to gather in person.

We will continue to monitor and heed all national, state, county and local officials and recommendations/guidelines.

*This plan originated with Pr. Pam Gompf from Mulkito, WA, adapted by Pr. Todd Buegler Owatonna, MN and adapted by Pr. Katie Wegner and HLC Church Council for our context.