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Video: Hyatt Hotels & Resorts + Mitel Hospitality Solutions
Global leader, Hyatt, manages hundreds of luxury hotels and resorts. To stay connected, both customers and employees depend on Hyatt’s communications systems. So when they were looking for new ways to enhance the guest experience, Hyatt turned to Mitel's latest customized Hospitality communications.

Hyatt’s Goals

  • Improve ease of use and mobility

  • Reduce communications costs

  • Ensure consistent experience across multiple Hyatt properties

Mitel Deployment Results

  • Increased integration boosted productivity and reduced the amount of management needed

  • Improved cost efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership

  • More reliable system enhanced customer experience

"We're a 24 x 7 x 365-day business. It's important that we work with providers who really understand the hospitality business."  

- Jeff Bzdawka, Hyatt Senior Vice President of Global Hotel Operations

CTS puts Hospitality and Residential facilities on the path to better communications and satisfied customers. Find the perfect solution for your business… Contact us today: 800.787.4848 or
Higher Customer Expectations meet Evolving Hybrid Work Environments
Early in the pandemic, digital transactions suddenly became the only way of doing business. And even the most brick-and-mortar-loving customers learned to adapt. As we establish a post-pandemic normal, however, enterprises are facing the combination of two distinct disruptors.

Disruptor A: Higher Expectations 

Enterprises now must serve a sophisticated digital customer base that has high expectations for personalized service and a low tolerance for businesses that can’t deliver. 65% of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions and 80% of people say they’d switch to a competitor after more than one bad experience.

Disruptor B: Hybrid Work Environments 

The latest research makes it clear hybrid work is here to stay. More than two out of three employees who prefer hybrid models say they would be likely to look for other opportunities if asked to return fully to an office. Not surprisingly, four out of five businesses that offered hybrid models over the past two years intend to retain them.

The Implication 

To improve customer service, enterprises must empower their employees to work effectively from anywhere at any time. Employees will need full functionality regardless of where they are, and it must be transparent to optimize productivity and the customer experience.

Technology that Overcomes Business Disruptors

  • CTS and Mitel solutions provide every worker or customer care agent with the flexibility to work on-site or remotely. Workers can either use PC/mobile soft clients or their SIP desk phone from any remote site with the same functionality and security setup as the office. 

  • CTS and Mitel offer an array of contact center and omnichannel communications solutions that allow employees to flexibly serve customers via online chat or a call with a live expert. Your contact center administrators can easily access reporting they need to optimize agent productivity. 

  • Need to broadcast an important update to your distributed staff? You can make one call to a pre-set list of phone numbers that can reach them wherever they may be working. 

Let’s talk about the latest technology to better connect your customers and employees. Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or
How SCIFs protect Classified and Proprietary Phone Calls
Many in the security field focus on securing data networks against hackers and viruses, but voice conversations often require the highest level of protection too. For government agencies and contractors, the need is obvious: having the ability to discuss classified information in full confidence that it will not be overheard or intercepted.

What is a SCIF?

This is where a SCIF comes in: a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Typically, this is a purpose-built room in a building, or a portable enclosure, where sensitive phone conversations can take place in complete privacy. SCIFs are accredited for use by the Federal government with standards defined by the defense and intelligence communities.

SCIF construction: The details matter

To achieve this level of security, SCIF defines building requirements that greatly exceed those achieved by typical commercial construction. Walls, ceilings, and floors, for example, must be constructed so that they will reveal evidence of unauthorized entry or tampering. Special materials must be used on these surfaces to prevent leakage of electromagnetic or radio frequencies that might be collected by bad actors. The surfaces can even be “hardened” with noise generators that radiate a blend of frequencies to produce a sound like running water.

All telephone, electrical power, security systems, data, and emergency systems must be dedicated to and contained within the SCIF. Where the conduit for any of these systems penetrates the SCIF perimeter, they must be hardened to minimize the chance of compromise.

The SCIF door and frame assembly also must prevent signal leakage, as well as meet local building and safety codes. The doors must employ two access control technologies: one for daily use and one for secure lock up when the SCIF is unattended.

Cabling and network infrastructure

In the case of structured cabling and network infrastructure, projects must follow the security specifications required to receive site survey certification and approval. Each aspect of the network requires special attention, including:

  • Shield Twisted Pair / Fiber / Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Wire-ways / Conduit / Transport
  • Cabinets / Main Distribution Frame / Communications Closet
  • Station Drops / Cabling
  • Labeling / Inspection / Administration

Secure, TSG-6 certified phones

The phones within the SCIF must meet the JITC Unified Capabilities certification for Assured Services SIP End Instruments.

Putting it all together

The growing number of attacks on government and enterprise data networks, their increasing sophistication and persistence, and the emergence of a new breed of cyber criminals intent on inflicting as much damage as possible all point to the need for tighter security measures. When it comes to protecting sensitive voice communications, federal agencies and contractors have come to rely on a proven solution – SCIF.

Partnering with an experienced technology provider can streamline the accreditation process, prevent implementation delays, and facilitate the safe discussion of classified information. Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or
Tips for Effectively Managing Your Remote Teams
With many organizations relying on remote workers, these flexible work arrangements are not without challenges. Fortunately, there are several ways to effectively manage your remote teams…

  • Deploy Tools that Work – The right technology resources must be in place to support remote workers. Ensure they have everything they need - broadband, a laptop, webcam (if not included in the laptop), smartphone, and the proper services and software for collaboration.

  • Set Expectations – Setting clear expectations will help keep your team focused on project goals. Establishing regular working hours but remaining flexible with everyone’s schedule will drive productivity. Outlining project plans, tasks, and goals as the ways through which you will measure success will instill more confidence.

  • Establish Regular Check-Ins – Establishing regular video check-ins with your team shows that you are available to them, ready to listen, and open to feedback. Video calls are the best way to have one-on-one and team meetings because communicating over video creates a more personal experience while making everyone feel included. Having weekly one-on-ones or team meetings is a great start to establishing a communication routine.

  • Over-Communicate... and Then Some – Not only does over-communication help keep your team on task, but it can also tamp down feelings of isolation members may be experiencing. Recognize employees individually or with a call-out during a team meeting. This acknowledgment will let them know you are paying attention to their successes and that you are there to support them.

  • Be Engaging – Inject some fun into your team's remote working routine and devise ways to engage them. Get creative. As the COVID pandemic has transitioned to an endemic part of life, look for ways to get your teams together virtually or meet up so they can unplug from work for a little socializing. 

Access to remote work technology is important but understanding how to overcome the “people” challenges with better management and communication skills will better position your team for success.

Let’s talk about better ways to connect your remote or hybrid workforce. Contact CTS today: 800.787.4848 or
CTS Concierge Cloud Support… Get an Added Level of Local, Personalized Support
Mitel’s services are very popular. Our clients love the simplicity and savings of no onsite hardware or upfront costs. Upgrades from the Cloud are automatic, and you’re in control.

Managing users is easy with online admin portals, but sometimes you may need extra help that goes beyond online tools. To streamline those more complex support requests, CTS now offers Concierge Support.

Our Responsive Team runs down Your Service Request from Initial Call to Resolution

  • When you contact CTS, we coordinate everything on your behalf.  

  • CTS sets up a direct online interface with Mitel as your service advocate. 

  • We submit and track your tickets - escalating with Mitel operations as needed. 

  • Need help with uploading apps, and basic training? We've got you covered. 

Subscribe to CTS Concierge Service!

  • Priority Queue for Service Requests

  • Remote Service and MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) included

  • Onsite Service/MAC billed at our lowest rates

  • Guaranteed 48-hour Response from receipt of request

Exceptional Service Priced Right

  • Concierge Service Monthly Subscription requires a minimum of 10 phones

  • Speak to your CTS Representative for Your Custom Quote

Our friendly Cloud experts are ready to support your Business Voice technology from end to end! Let’s get started… Contact us today: 800.787.4848 or
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