September 2019

Sony's Survival Strategy for the Camera-pacolypse
Many of the industry's cornerstone camera brands are feeling the pain of declining sales, quarter after quarter, year after year. Only one company has bucked the trend: Sony. Its imaging division posted positive numbers for its financial year despite a dire macro market.  

How Machine Learning is Making Video More Valuable
Many investors have argued that Netflix is successful because it's less an entertainment company than a data company. Clearly, Netflix has become much more than just a pipeline for shoveling DVDs to home viewers. What makes Netflix special is its use of data. 

ATSC 3.0 Devices: Forecast & Analysis
The ATSC 3.0 next-generation TV system comes at a critical point as the TV services ecosystem is in significant flux. While the new standard enables multiple use cases and business models, there are a lot of unknowns that could affect market conditions and adoption of various technologies and devices. DTC applied its product forecast and analysis capabilities to help one chip developer measure the potential uptake and opportunity.

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