July 15, 2021
Happy Hydrangeas:
The Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival is in full swing! You still have a few days to visit some beautiful gardens and help raise money for local charities. This year Cape Cod's Annual Summer Garden Celebration is July 9 - 18, 2021. We have beautiful Gram-a-Garden spots set up around our nursery for you to snap some selfies throughout the week. Click here for more information about the 2021 Cape Cod Hydrangeafest.
Our resident expert, C.L. Fornari has put together a list of 10 'Hydrangea Hints' and we've got copies of these on our registers. We're posting some of the hints on Facebook and Instagram...make sure you're following us to get those behind-the scene hints and more! Just as a tease, here is one of her hints: "Many mopheads and lacecaps will be pink when grown in alkaline soil and blue in acidic soils. If your blue hydrangea is turning pink, it may be that the soil is turning more alkaline from lime applied to the lawn, or lime leaching from nearby cement foundations or walkways. Since we normally have acidic soils on Cape Cod most people don’t have to do anything to make their H. macrophylla and H. serrata hydrangeas blue."
We'll also be at the Barnstable County Fair beginning Sunday, July 18th. Hyannis Country Garden has supported the Barnstable County Fair for many years. We'll have a demonstration garden set up not far from the main gate complete with drought resistant, native plants and a water feature. Be sure to stop by and check it out when you're at the fair!

And don't forget C.L. Fornari is hosting a virtual event this Sunday (7/18).  Learn how to make your veggie garden more productive, plus have your questions answered in the Chat session at the end. Scroll down for more info or click here to go straight to registration.
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Upcoming Virtual Events
Don’t assume that once your vegetable garden has been planted in late May that you are out of options for the rest of the season. Mid-summer is the time to make assessments, solve problems and plan for late-summer or fall crops. Learn how to make your veggie garden more productive, plus have your questions answered in the Chat session at the end.
Upcoming In-Person Events
We're happily gathering live at Hyannis Country Garden for 3 Friday walk-and-talk sessions with C.L. Fornari. Held outdoors, rain or shine, from 4 PM to 5 PM, C.L. will stroll through various departments talking about plants, products and problem-solving. We'll be on our feet so dress appropriately and use your phone for photos and a pad of paper for taking notes. Bring questions about your gardens and landscape, and C.L. will give you specific ideas and suggestions. These walk-and-talk sessions will be both in person - and on FB Live!
By CLFornari | Jul 12, 2021
Are you looking for a perennial that is drought tolerant, supports pollinators and helps monarch butterflies? Butterfly weed!
Pets of Hyannis Country Garden
Where is Schooner?
Schooner took a break while shopping for a #hydrangea plant.. Schooner actually had a lovely photo shoot here at Hyannis Country Garden...the camera just loves him!

Do you have a pet that loves #hyanniscountrygarden? Send us a picture of them along with whatever makes them happy when they're here...maybe it's a treat or a toy - you tell us! We'll try to feature your pet in our newsletter or on social media. Click here to send that picture!
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Lists of the best things to grow with, here on Cape Cod
See our list of great native plants for Cape Cod.
A Native Plants list is important for homeowners and landscapers. It gives them choices in plant material that are beneficial for the health of our coastal areas. The plants on this list are also beautiful and do well in our Cape Cod environment.
If you missed one of our online events, they are now available for viewing on our website. HERE
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