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With great sadness, we must say that
Fairy Night in the Garden cannot happen this year.

With what amounts to 200 Fairies, 400 Humans and 75 volunteers all within a 3 hour period seems inappropriate right now.

We had hoped that these would be safer times and have held off with this message for as long as we could.
We can promise you that Fairy Night in the Garden will be back for 2021...more beautiful and delightful than ever!
a message for the fairy keepers...

We have happily found signs of a fairy or two
still hiding amongst the flowers!

We believe we have recently spotted Coral, the Ocean Fairy.
Although she seems to have flown away to another garden
at this time, we have reason to believe she has built
a fairy home somewhere here at Cackleberries!

For the next 7 days, you may be able to find her fairy home!


Come anytime 7 days a week between 9am and 5pm

Check in at the front desk for a clue

Tiptoe throughout the garden center looking for Coral's home

If you find it, please come back to the front desk to let us know!

Please fill out a special message to Coral and we promise she will email you soon! She may have even left you a small gift!

We hope a new fairy will spotted each week...
and a new fairy home will need to be found!

There is no appointment needed.
We just don't want the wee ones to forget about us!
Dress up if you like!
Limelight Tree Hydrangea in all of her glory!
We have so many beautiful hydrangeas in bloom right now!
Here are some of the most unusual ones!
Our next newsletter will feature Hydrandeas...101

Everything you ever wanted to know
but were afraid to ask about this magnificent species!
Our top question right now..."When is it okay to plant?"

The answer is...
Planting from pot to ground...anytime is great!
A plant will be much happier stretching its
roots in the ground, than sitting in a pot!

Digging up and transplanting...
you should wait for cooler temps at this point.
We have some great looking herbs...look at this juicy basil!
All roses now on 25% OFF
Locally made checker board with playing pieces!
Locally made bird houses with clean-out!
Locally made patriotic wooden stool!
We have lots of garden art!
If you ever have any questions or need any advice,
don't hesitate to touch base with us.

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