Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
Buffer Strip Tree Removal

May 23 , 2017


Now that spring is here some of us will find that we need to remove some dead trees from the buffer strip.  Following is the procedure to use and relevant contact information... Eric Null,  L ake Manager, Deep Creek Lake NRMA, Maryland Park Service  Department of Natural Resources, says that "The process for tree removal or trimming is to call Lake Management and make an appointment for staff to assess the proposed trees. Staff will visit the site and determine if the tree warrants trimming or removal. Staff will photograph and record each tree, then mark the tree with paint. Lake Management Regulations do not allow for the removal of healthy living trees. Any tree that is marked for removal and still alive will be required to be replaced at at least 2:1." If you have any questions please call Eric at 301-387-4112 (office) or send them to him at  

Licensed Tree Experts
Buster's Stump and Tree Removal                 LTE#001045  MHIC#79871
            Buster Rinker
8005 George Washing Hwy, Oakland, MD 21550
Mobile: (301) 616-9784    Secondary: (301) 334-9784
Services: Stump removal, Stump grinding, Arborists
Busy Beaver Landscape & Tree Services, LLC                    LTE#001168
            Clinton James Saville
            352 Fawn Dr., Oakland, MD 21550
            (866) 744-8075
            Services: Tree removal, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Decks/Gazebos
EZ Out Inc                              LTE#005
            Ron Fink
            14105 East Street SW, Cumberland, MD 21502
            (301) 697-2669           Secondary: (301) 729-0072
            Services: Tree removal and Asphalt paving
Jake at the Lake, LLC
            Herbert & Jake Fazenbaker
            546 Limousin Ridge Rd, McHenry, MD 21541
            (301) 616-1985
Services: Tree removal, Lawn care, Landscaping, Mulching, Dock removal and repair
Lakefront Tree Service                       LTE#093
            Bret Winegardner
            23 Mellinger Rd, Swanton, MD 21561
            Mobile: (301) 616-9889          Secondary: (301) 387-0115
            Services: Tree removal, Stump grinding, Pruning, Clearing, Storm damage repair
Preston Stump and Tree Removal                 
            John Kaufman                         LTE#2093
            Judy Filsinger                          LTE# 2095
            Oakland, MD 21550
            Mobile: (240) 321-1266
Services: Tree Removal, Stump grinding, Bucket truck services, Chipping and Hauling

Bob Hoffmann
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