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Excavation utilising high pressure water in industrial services

Industrial Vacuum Excavation

Industrial Vacuum Loading of concrete waste created by Hydro Demolition

Preservation of intrusive tree roots using Hydro-Excavation

Hi Tech Industrial Services would like to bring to your attention an article about a Melbourne utility company, trialing Hydro-Excavation to preserve tree roots when carrying out pipe maintenance. The article explores this environmentally friendly alternative to excavation and outlines it's benefits. It explains that Hydro-Excavation is a cost effective solution when compared to normal excavation. It is a safe method of removal using high pressure water that maintains the structural integrity of the tree root, whilst maintaining service levels. Click here to re-view the article.


Vacuum Excavation and Hi Tech Industrial services

Vacuum excavation or Hydro-Excavation is considered to be a non-destructive form of digging. Hi Tech regularly uses this method of excavation to meet many clients needs in a cost effective, sufficient and environmentally friendly way. 

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Alternatively, if you have any questions about this service that Hi Tech provides, please contact our National Operations Manager Damien Turner on 1300 416 313. You can also contact Damien directly on 0447 475 661.