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April 6, 2023
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Hydrocolloid Conference - Malta April 23-25, 2023

Six more registrations since last week. We are nearing sold-out status. There is some space available and a few rooms left at the conference rate. If you are considering attending, contact IMR.

101 attendees.
Target of 100+ achieved.
Two Gold sponsors and one Bronze sponsor.
Presentations represent 100's of hours of preparation by global experts.
Excellent socializing and networking opportunities.
A small group with outsized influence - A little like Malta itself.

Attendee list HERE (Registered attendees can access contact details)
Attendee list pdf file HERE. (no username or password needed. Company-Title-Country
Conference agenda HERE.
Speaker list HERE
Registration HERE

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LBG Clarification

Last week we "remembered when seed prices of 2.00/kg was thought to be sustainable and fair." A clarification is necessary. Those were the thoughts, about 30 years ago, of LBG buyers rather than the farmers or producers of LBG. Even at that time, LBG suppliers thought that seed prices of 4.00-6.00/kg would be a sustainable threshold. It would slow or reverse the trend for cutting down wild trees in favor of real estate. These prices may also encourage the establishment of new carob farms. Despite severe price fluctuations, demand for LBG has steadily increased over the years/decades. A tribute to the unique and valued properties of this workhorse specialty hydrocolloid.

Indications are that a seed price level of Euro 6.00-8.00/kg is necessary now to incentivize growth of carob plantations and generate needed raw material to meet long term LBG demand.

A reminder that IMR has no commercial activity in any hydrocolloid. We have nothing to gain or lose by any price movement in any hydrocolloid. Our intent is to reflect as accurately as possible developments in the world of hydrocolloids.
Q1-2023 Published

Issue number 128 of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids has been issued and shipped to clients. If your company is an E-copy recipient, the report should be in the inbox of the designated recipients. Printed copies should reach US clients by the end of this week and international clients by the middle of next week.

The usual detailed coverage including import/export analysis for the US is found in this 75 page report. There is some easing of tensions in some hydrocolloids but it is still a tough situation in several other hydrocolloids. The plant based movement remains important but growth rate leveled off. A few brief extracts from the 75 page report:

AGAR - The labor and shipping issues that plagued agar in late 2021 and throughout 2022 are subsiding. European gelidium agar is harvested via diving in the summer months and is gathered in the winter months. The high price of seaweed lured many divers and harvesters back into the market. The 2022/2023 harvest campaigns have produced...

ALGINATES - The prices of viscosifying grade alginates (high “M” mannuronic acid type) are coming down slightly and are roughly $***-***/kg FOB. Under current market conditions Chinese alginates are only slightly lower in price than western alginates. The gelling grade of alginates (High “G” guluronic acid) is around $2.00-4.00/kg higher than the viscosifying grade for Chinese origin and $5.00-6.00/kg higher than viscosifying grade for western gelling grade alginates. Propylene glycol alginate is produced in significant quantity by only two companies, Kimica with production in Japan and Chile and Bright Moon (partly owned by Kimica) with a plant in China. Currently, the price of PGA is at $***-***kg fob. 

GUAR - The 2022/2023 harvest has come in as expected at slightly lower than last year. However, there is sufficient material to meet demand as well as roll over stock. Shipping has returned to normal, and with logistics costs down, the prices have also come down. At the height of the pandemic, shipping added $0.50-0.70/kg which can add 30-50% to the cost of the guar for delivery. The average price of guar has decreased by 4-5% . Demand for guar is picking up primarily in South America. Guar gum remains one of the most cost-effective hydrocolloids in the texturizing world.

The table of Contents for Q1-2023 is HERE.
If your company is not already a subscriber, the confidentiality/subscription agreement is HERE.
Alginate Consolidation

The two small alginate facilities are in Landerneau and Lannilis in Brittany, France. Both are now owned by Rettenmaier (JRS) of Germany. Each facility had gone through a series of acquisitions and divestments but had never been owned by the same parent. This union will make JRS one of the three largest alginate producers in the Western world, the other two being Kimica with production in Japan and Chile, and IFF with production in Norway.

Alginor is a new producer of alginates in Norway and will present at the IMR conference in Malta. We are aware of a another alginate plant in development but not sure of launch date or even if finance is available for completing the project. China has several producers and is probably the largest supplier of alginates in food and non-food applications.
Guar Plantations in Americas

A new source of guar seeds and guar gum has come to our attention. The new supplier is based in Mexico and cites specific advantages over production of guar in India and/or Pakistan. A new source of supply in a totally different geographic regions could help alleviate the dependence on adequate monsoonal rains in India and Pakistan. Contact details for this new producer have been provided in the Q1-2023 issue of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids. IMR will monitor this important hydrocolloid development closely.
Excess Inventory

Agar - 8 tonnes excess inventory. Located in Mexico.

200 mesh. Packed in 25 kg bags.
Shelf life of approx two years on all batches.
Contact IMR International for further details
In the interest of full disclosure, IMR will seek a finder’s fee from the seller, if and only if a buyer is successfully connected with the seller.

Carob Seeds Available - 25-30 tonnes of seeds available in Europe. Yes the price of LBG continues to decline but remains well above pre-crisis levels - for now.
Contact IMR International to be connected with the seller.

Hydrocolloid People and Positions

Highly experienced Sales Manager with 15 years of gelatin and collagen sales. Self-motivated, team player, and new business developer. Extensive knowledge of gelatin and collagen markets and managing key accounts. Dedicated lifelong sales career in the food ingredients industry (34 years).

Sales and Commercial Development Manager. East coast based. In depth experience in multiple hydrocolloids gained with several hydrocolloid multi-nationals. Immediately available.

Technical Sales Manager-East Coast based.
Experience in hydrocolloids or flavors.
Self starter and team leader potential.
Key account management responsibility.
Bachelor’s Food Science
Master’s Food Science or Business an added plus, 7-15 years experience in sales and applications of hydrocolloids, flavors, or fiber ingredients.

Contact IMR in full confidence to be connected with the candidate or the hiring company. In the interest of full disclosure IMR will receive a small finder's fee from the hiring company, if and only if a candidate is hired.
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