COVID-19 Message From Hyland Hills
Park and Recreation Disctrict.
For 65 years, Hyland Hills has existed to serve our community by encouraging active fun and healthy lifestyles through the many programs and facilities we offer. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 global pandemic is continuing to critically affect us here in Adams County with illness, hospitalizations, and deaths on the rise. Many Hyland Hills facilities have already been adversely affected and even shut down as reported Covid-19 cases continue to climb at alarming rates right here in our own backyard.  
We want to encourage all Hyland Hills Residents to stay safe and heed official warnings, including the dire predictions, on what we will likely face in the upcoming winter months. Inconveniences set aside, thousands of people nationwide could potentially lose their lives to COVID-19. As serious as the situation is, with everyone’s help we are also told we can make a big difference by working together and making important changes in our personal daily routines.

Please join the Hyland Hills team in doing your part to stop the spread of Covid-19 and help us all avoid more shutdowns by always wearing a mask, washing your hands, staying at least 6 feet from others and, of course, respecting official orders that are being requested of us to curtail the upward trend of this terrible pandemic. These include adhering to curfews, public limits on groups, minimizing unnecessary travel, and working from home whenever possible, along with all other orders.
If we fail to collectively be a part of the solution as a community, it will very likely become necessary for Adams County to move from the current Orange Level to a much more restrictive Stay at Home Red Level that will keep most facilities closed. 

Despite these challenging times, Hyland Hills has remained optimistic and productive overall as we deal with the current Covid-19 reality and as we continue planning for post pandemic scenarios. Here are a few examples: 
  • All Hyland Hills facilities are being maintained and thoroughly cleaned in observance of COVID-19 protocols, with rules and operations also adjusted appropriately.
  • The District continues working with Adams County on free Covid-19 testing in the Water World parking lot.
  • Accessibility adjustments have been made to District websites for better navigation.
  • Athletic and fitness videos have been produced to help people workout at home and stay active.
  • The Water World parking lot served as a Senior Hub food distribution site.
  • Despite Covid-19 challenges, Hyland Hills found a way to open and staff Splashland pool during the summer as a service to the community.
  • A special "sandlot" youth baseball program was launched to provide much needed recreation to local kids.
  • The Hyland Hills Recreation team ran a water aerobics class for seniors who needed some outdoor exercise during the summer.
  • The District has kept its standout golf course facility running to max capacity by utilizing and retraining full-time employees who were deployed from other Covid-closed Hyland Hills facilities.
  • By standing ready, Hyland Hills was able to open its gymnastics, fitness, and Ice Centre facilities quickly, with some participant limitations, as official restrictions allowed, getting hundreds of users back to healthy recreating.
  • Holiday Lights Mini Golf has been launched for the 2020 holiday season, offering a safe and fun diversion for families restricted by Covid-19 limitations. 
Hyland Hills will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and we look forward to bringing all our programs and facilities to you as soon as we can.
Stay safe everyone!
**As a reminder, free COVID-19 testing will continue to be offered inside the Water World Parking Lot through December 31st. To get tested enter through our entrance on 90th just west of Pecos Street.