January 16, 2020
The Hyperion Company to 
Launch Hyperion Motors at NYIAS in April
Space-Age Technology Developed with NASA Hits Big Apple
The Hyperion Company, Inc. is a hydrogen technology company based in Orange, California that leads research and development for aerospace in both public and private sectors. Hyperion technologies revolve around three branches of hydrogen: generation, storage, and propulsion.  

In 2020, the consumer products division will introduce space-age technology for the road with Hyperion Motors, Inc . This next generation of Hyperion products are being developed with NASA to deliver some of the most advanced technologies on Earth. 
NYIAS Welcomes Hyperion to the Show
Hyperion will exhibit at the 2020 New York International Auto Show during press and public days giving media and attendees a sneak peek into the future of transportation. 

Hyperion was founded in 2011 by an expert team of PhDs, scientists, and researchers. For 8+ years Hyperion has optimized advanced electrolzyer, storage tank, and fuel cell systems for reliability, low weight, and efficiency.

About New York International Automobile Show  
120 years ago, a group of enthusiasts in Manhattan joined together to showcase automobiles to a growing group of consumers intrigued by the prospect of owning a 'horseless carriage' and so began a journey to what is now the New York International Auto Show and the largest area for new vehicles sales in the nation. Today, the Show is where car-buying decisions are made. In 2019, attendees spent an average of 4.75 hours at the New York Auto Show, up from 4 hours in 2018. As a comparison, attendees spend an average of 3.5 hours at other auto shows across the country.
The 2020 New York Auto Show runs from April 10 to 19. 
Press Days are April 8 & 9.  

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