October 8, 2019
Tonight's Nighttime Directional Freeway Closures Cancelled
Attention Motorists!

The full southbound closure of Interstate 215 scheduled for tonight has been cancelled due to an unforeseen equipment failure. Crews will be closing the southbound on ramp to I-215, but motorists can still use Barton Road during this operation. Drivers wishing to access southbound I-215 should proceed west to La Cadena Drive then head south to merge on to the freeway near Iowa Avenue.

Southbound I-215 closures will resume on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Motorists will use the the southbound off ramp to westbound Barton Road to connect to the detour on La Cadena. No Barton Road bridge crossing available during those two nights.

Northbound is still scheduled for next week. However, if crews are able to complete the southbound I-215 work early on Thursday, the team will shift the northbound direction to begin the northbound false work removal. Northbound closures will use the off and on ramps to move past the work zone.

Be patient and be careful...please.