August 2017
New Project Camera Lets Public Follow Progress, Watch Time-Lapse Videos
VDOT recently installed a time-lapse camera on the I-64/I-264 Interchange Improvements Project so the public can watch its progress. The lens points to where new ramps from I-64W and new collector-distributor lanes along I-264E are being built. Images are recorded several times an hour. View them in full here , and use the zoom feature to get closer. The photos, which can be viewed as a time-lapsed video, are also linked on our project homepage .
While Traffic Passes By ...
Construction on the project extends nearly 3 miles along the I-64/264 interchange. These photos were taken in late August.

Above: Workers along I-264, out of sight of motorists on the interstate.

Right: Assistant Construction Manager Matthew Coffin inspects work along I-64 and Curlew Drive.
A look down the line at the columns that will support new collector-distributor lanes that will travel alongside I-264 east, providing better access to the Newtown Road exit, which is also being rebuilt in Phase I. The new collector-distributor lanes will be extended to Witchduck Road in Phase II of the Interchange Improvements Project.
A worker unloads a pallet of mortar bags.
An excavator at work beside I-64 west. A new two-lane exit ramp will be built here.
A welder works on a piece for a steel cage while a tractor trailer for Tutor-Perini Corp., the project contractor, passes in the background.
A heron in creek waters near Curlew Drive. Note the floating turbidity curtain, one of the project's many environmental precautions to keep sediment out of the Elizabeth River tributary.
Pier Cap Construction
The following images show one of the many pier caps being constructed to support the new set of collector-distributor travel lanes that will be built along I-264 east.
A cap beam is placed on a set of three columns. Formwork is then installed so concrete can be poured to create the pier cap.
The orange apparatus (a concrete pump) above was used to pour six truck-loads of concrete into the formwork to create the pier cap. This image was captured from the project time-lapse camera.
A closer look at the pier cap following the concrete pour.
Progress Report and Look Ahead

Phase I (I-64/I-264 to Newtown Road)

Recently Completed:

  • Drilled shaft foundations, columns and cap beams for bridge piers from Curlew Drive to Newtown Road


  • Box culvert extension midway between Curlew Drive and Kempsville Road
  • Constructing retaining walls M and P at the I-64 west approach to Curlew Drive overpass near Ivor and Edison avenues
  • Culvert construction at the infield between I-264 east and Exit 15A to Newton Road
  • Maintaining erosion and settlement control measures


  • Densified Aggregate Piers (DAPS) at the I-64 west approach to Curlew Drive overpass
  • Installing outfall for South Newtown Road retention pond across Pleasant Point Drive

Phase II (I-264/Newtown Road to Witchduck Road)


  • Bids for the construction contract are due Sept. 27
Traffic Impacts
Lane Closures:

There are currently no scheduled travel lane closures on the interstates. Shoulders along I-64 west and a portion of I-264 east are closed for construction.

A weekend closure of southbound Kempsville Road at the I-264 underpass could happen as soon as the weekend of Sept. 9-10. A detour to Newtown Road will be installed during this closure. Subscribers to this newsletter will receive a travel advisory when the dates of this closure are confirmed.
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