February 2017
I-64 Widening Segment II Brings Traffic Shifts & Speed Limit Reductions

Things are happening in Segment II

The second segment of the I-64 Widening project is in full swing with the placement of temporary concrete barriers, pavement markings and sign installation. Also, traffic patterns have shifted between I-64 WB from Lee Hall (exit 247) and past Humelsine Parkway (exit 242). 

Continued clearing and grubbing are taking place as the team prepares the area for upcoming work.

 On January 27, the speed limit was reduced to 55 mph in the work zone. Motorists are advised that speeding in a work zone carries fines up to $500.

Under Construction
Segment I Work Activities

Recently Completed

  • On the Industrial Park Drive Bridges, structural steel is set and concrete was placed for the abutements.
  • On the Fort Eustis Boulevard Bridges, bridge jacking and bearing replacements have been completed. Concrete placement for the westbound bridge deck.
  • On the Lee Hall Reservoir Bridges, concrete placement for the westbound bridge deck.
  • Pavement markings installed and westbound I-64 traffic shifted to the left onto the new median pavement east of Industrial Park Drive.

    Current Status:

    • Continue placing topsoil and bio-mix soil between median barriers.
    • Continue clearing for sound barrier wall.
    • Continue asphalt base paving as weather permits.
    • Continue forming eastbound bridge decks at the Industrial Park Drive Bridges.
    • Continue deck concrete placements at Lee Hall Reservoir and Fort Eustis Boulevard.

      Upcoming Work Activities:

      • Install planting soils between median barriers west of Fort Eustis Boulevard.
      • Complete bridge decks at the Fort Eustis Boulevard and Lee Hall Reservoir Bridges.
      • Forming for superstructure at the Industrial Park Drive Bridges.
      • Start installation of footings and posts for sound barrier walls. 

        Segment II Work Activities


        • Traffic shifted within the work zone
        • Speed limit reduction to 55 mph

        Current Status:

        • Survey work
        • Continue clearing and grubbing
        • Continue installation of temporary pavement markings

        Upcoming Work Activities:

        • Finish installation of construction signs
        • Finish installation of temporary concrete barrier service
        • Conduct bridge repair inspections (Yorktown, Jefferson, Burma, and Penniman)
          Project Progress 
          Girders Set: 
          The girders were set, as part of the nighttime I-64 Widening bridge work over Industrial Park Drive in Newport News.
          Bridge Work: 
          I-64 bridge work continues throughout the day in Segment I.

          Concrete Placement:
          In Segment I, concrete is placed on the deck of the westbound Lee Hall Reservoir Bridge.

          Preparing for Work: 
          Clearing and grubbing has begun on Segment II as crews prepare to begin work on the widening of I-64.

          Alternate Routes:
          Avoid the backups and find alternate routes around the work zone by viewing the Alternate Routes Map now available on the I-64 Widening web site. 
          Please obey the reduced 55 mph speed limit which is in effect 24/7 in both the east- and westbound work zones of the project between Jefferson Avenue (exit 255) and Humelsine Parkway (exit 242).