May 2017
Segment I Traffic Shifts Complete
Traffic Now Using New Lanes
The new 12-foot travel lanes and 12-foot shoulders are now in place in both directions on I-64 throughout the Segment I limits from west of Jefferson Avenue to just east of Yorktown Road.

The traffic shifts to these new lanes are now complete to allow work to continue on the outside existing lanes as concrete pavement is being patched and an overlay will be placed.

New pavement will eventually extend across all lanes in each direction creating a smooth driving surface across the roadway by the Segment I completion date of December 2017.
Provide Your Input on Segment III

More than 300 citizens attended the design public hearing for Segment III on May 18, at Bruton High School. If you missed the hearing, residents can review the  meeting materials here and are welcome to submit their comments through mail and email by May 28, 2017, to the following contact:

Janet Hedrick, P.E., Project Manager 
Virginia Department of Transportation
1992 South Military Highway
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Under Construction
Segment I Work Activities

Recently Completed
  • Shifted traffic to new median lanes throughout the project limits
  • Installed guardrail in median west of Fort Eustis Boulevard and east of Industrial Park Drive.
  • Continued foundations for noise barrier wall west of Denbigh Boulevard.
  • Started clearing between Fort Eustis Boulevard and Industrial Park Drive for noise barrier wall construction and ramp extensions.
  • Paved the bridge approaches at Fort Eustis Boulevard and Industrial Park Drive Bridges.

    Current Status:

    • Sound barrier wall work including construction of footings and setting posts west of Denbigh Boulevard.
    • Pavement construction at bridge approaches and rehabilitation work on the Fort Eustis Boulevard and Industrial Park Drive Bridges.
    • Demolition of I-64 bridges over Industrial Park Drive.
    • Continue clearing between Fort Eustis Boulevard and Industrial Park Drive for noise barrier wall and ramp extensions.
    • Continued sight distance clearing at Fort Eustis Boulevard ramps.
    • Installing guardrail west of the Lee Hall Reservoir Bridge.

      Upcoming Work Activities

      • Continue asphalt paving on existing travel lanes.
      • Continue footings, setting posts and sound wall panel for sound barrier wall west of Denbigh Boulevard.
      • Continue demolition and pile driving for Industrial Park Drive Bridges.

        Segment II Work Activities

        Recently Completed

        • Completed bolting down temporary concrete barrier along westbound lane of the Yorktown Road and Jefferson Avenue Bridges.
        • Started demolition and driving test piles at pier 1 and 2 of the Yorktown Road Bridge.
        • Started demolition of the parapet walls on the eastbound Jefferson Avenue Bridge.

          Current Status:

          • Continue clearing and grubbing operations throughout Segment II including the median in both east and west directions.
          • Continue bolting down temporary concrete barrier eastbound at Yorktown Road Bridge.
          • Continue demolition of eastbound Yorktown Road Bridge, as well as east- and westbound Jefferson Avenue Bridges.
          • Removing previous guardrail both eastbound and westbound.
          • Continue installation of MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) items including temporary barrier and pavement markings at the Yorktown Road, Jefferson Avenue and Penniman Road Bridges, as well as on Jefferson Avenue and Penniman Road.
          • Driving test piles at Abutment A of the Yorktown Road Bridge.

            Upcoming Work Activities:

            • Bridge demolition and widening work.
            • Work on existing and new drainage culverts.
            • Drive production piles at Yorktown Road Bridge.
              Travel Information
              Lane Closures:
              Each week's scheduled lane closures can be found on the project website on the Traffic Alerts page. 

              There are new traffic patterns with one lane of traffic remaining open in each direction at the I-64 overpasses at Jefferson Avenue and Yorktown Road.

              Weeknight east- and westbound single-lane closures take place on Sundays through Thursdays, beginning as early as 7 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. the following morning between Jefferson Avenue (exit 255) and Route 199 (Humelsine Parkway) (exit 242).

              One interstate travel lane in each direction will remain open to traffic at all times. 
              All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions.

              Alternate Routes:
              Avoid the backups and find alternate routes around the work zone by viewing the  Alternate Routes Map now available on the I-64 Widening web site.
                 Please obey the reduced 55mph speed limit which is in effect 24/7 in both the east- and westbound work zones of the project between Jefferson Avenue (exit 255) and Busch Gardens (exit 243).