September/October 2017
Segment I Nearly Complete at 2 Year Milestone
Last month, Segment I celebrated its two year construction anniversary since the groundbreaking held on September 8, 2015. With nearly two months left of construction, crews are finishing the placement of the base and surface asphalt and preparing to open both the new and revitalized lanes eastbound and westbound, from west of Jefferson Avenue (Exit 255), to just east of Yorktown Road (Exit 247) by the end of the year. Crews will also be seen placing the finishing touches to the ramp extensions and bridge repairs at Fort Eustis Boulevard, the rebuilt Industrial Park Drive bridges, Lee Hall Reservoir bridge repairs, noise wall placement, and landscaping in the median. Motorists can expect some traffic shifts in the coming weeks back to the outside lanes to allow for the final landscaping and shoulder work to be completed in the median.
Ft Eustis Bridge
Bridge deck extensions on I-64 at
Fort Eustis Boulevard
Lee Hall Reservoir
Hydro-demolition and bridge deck overlay at Lee Hall Reservoir Bridge
Work on ramp extensions at
Fort Eustis Boulevard
View from beneath the newly constructed Industrial Park Drive bridges
Segment II Base Pavement Goes Green
Cold Central Plant Recycling
New lanes are being constructed using Cold Central Plant Recycling, or CCPR for short. CCPR uses r eclaimed a sphalt p avement, or “ RAP ,” created from the road millings of construction projects around the region. Unlike hot-mix asphalt more commonly used in road projects, CCPR is placed onto the roadway without using heat. Crews pave the CCPR on top of a drainage layer covering the sub base layer of recycled crushed concrete, resulting in a total of 18 inches of pavement foundation produced almost entirely of recycled materials!

Using CCPR on this project helps reduce stockpiles of existing “RAP” materials, as well as reduces the overall cost of project materials and environmental impacts. 

The first test run of the CCPR process was done for Segment II on September 29, in the median near Penniman Road in York County.

Learn more about the CCPR process by watching the video below:
FDR Sub base Seg II
Full Depth Reclamation
The first test run of the Full D epth R eclamation (FDR) process for Segment II took place on October 18, in the median west of Penniman Road. FDR recycles the pavement from the existing lanes back into the new pavement structure. The existing asphalt layers will be pulverized, the material will be processed and compacted with a stabilizing agent, and the end product will be used to create a new base followed by an overlay placed on top.
This process saves significant time, money and materials by reusing resources, reducing the amount of new and old materials being transported, and performing the recycling and reconstruction process on-site. 
Under Construction
Segment I Work Activities
Recently Completed
  • Construction of the parapet for the westbound bridge over Industrial Park Drive.
  • Hydro-demolition for overlay of the bridge decks at the east- and westbound Lee Hall Reservoir Bridges
  • Clearing between Fort Eustis Boulevard and Industrial Park Drive for ramp extensions.
  • Completed the pier caps and bridge deck for the east-and westbound bridges over Industrial Park Drive.
  • Finished concrete pavement repairs in outside existing lanes.
  • Placed bridge deck overlay at Lee Hall Reservoir Bridges.

Current Status:
  • Sound barrier wall work including setting posts, panels and foundations for sound walls west of Denbigh Boulevard and west of Industrial Park Drive.
  • Continue joint repairs, deck slab replacements and painting at Fort Eustis Boulevard Bridges.
  • Started placing high friction surface treatment eastbound on I-64 from Jefferson Avenue to Fort Eustis Boulevard.
  • Continued hot-mix asphalt overlay and surface asphalt pavement layers
  • Continued guardrail installation along eastbound shoulders.
  • Started installing reinforcing steel for bridge pier protection system at the Industrial Park Drives Bridges.

Upcoming Work Activities
  • Continue noise wall work west of Denbigh Boulevard and Industrial Park Drive
  • Continue substructure at the Industrial Park Drive Bridges.
  • Continue joint repairs and approach slab replacements at the existing Lee Hall Reservoir and Fort Eustis Bridges.
  • Start landscaping and planting in the median.
  • Shift traffic back to outside lanes to complete work on the inside shoulder and median landscaping
Segment II Work Activities
Recently Completed

  • Completed Cold Central Plant Recycling and Full Depth Reclamation test sections.
  • Completed pile driving at Jefferson Avenue Bridge, Penniman Road Bridge, Yorktown Road Bridge, and Exit 243B Bridge.

Current Status:
  • Continue clearing and grubbing operations outside of the eastbound lanes from Burma Road Bridge to Route 199.
  • Continue maintenance work throughout corridor, including striping, tree trimming and pothole repairs.
  • Continue cut & fill operations and subgrade stabilization
  • Started installation of overhead sign structure foundations.
  • Form, Resteel & Pour (FPR) operations at the Yorktown Bridge, Penniman Road Bridge, Burma Road Bridge, Exit 243B Ramp Bridge, and Jefferson Bridge.
  • Sub base layer placement of cement treated crushed concrete
  • Installation of pipe and drainage structures
  • Pile driving at Burma Road Bridge

Upcoming Work Activities:
  • Cut & fill operations in the median
  • Maintenance work throughout the corridor.
  • Bridge construction activities on the Yorktown Road, Jefferson Avenue, Burma Road, Penniman Road, and Exit 243B Ramp Bridges. 
  • Work on existing and new drainage culverts.
  • Placement of CCPR materials and asphalt in newly constructed lanes.
New pier columns and caps at Yorktown Road Bridge
Concrete placement at Exit 243B Ramp Bridge
Median cut & fill work east of Route 199
Travel Information
Lane Closures:
Each week's scheduled lane closures can be found on the project website on the Traffic Alerts page. 

There are new traffic patterns with one lane of traffic remaining open in each direction at the I-64 overpasses at Jefferson Avenue and Yorktown Road.

Weeknight east- and westbound single-lane closures take place on Sundays through Thursdays, beginning as early as 7 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. the following morning between Jefferson Avenue (exit 255) and Route 199 (Humelsine Parkway) (exit 242).

All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions.

Alternate Routes:
Avoid the backups and find alternate routes around the work zone by viewing the  Alternate Routes Map now available on the I-64 Widening web site.
   Please obey the reduced 55mph speed limit which is in effect 24/7 in both the east- and westbound work zones of the project between Jefferson Avenue (exit 255) and Colonial Parkway.