June 8, 2018
Learn More about Segment III before Construction Begins This Summer
Design-build contractor, Shirley Contracting Company will be hosting a public information meeting for the I-64 Widening Segment III project at Bruton High School on June 27, 2018, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The meeting will be held in a open-house style format with members of the design-build team and VDOT representatives on hand to share current project information, projected traffic impacts, the proposed limits of clearing, the stormwater management design and improvements, and the preliminary results of the Final Noise Analysis.

Construction on the 8.25 mile project, spanning from approximately 1 mile west of the Route 199/Lightfoot exit (exit 234) to 1 mile west of the Humelsine Parkway/Marquis Center Parkway (exit 242), is scheduled to start this summer beginning with shoulder strengthening operations. Design-phase geotechnical investigations are currently underway including survey work, bridge scans and soil boring operations.
New Traffic Patterns Starting in Segment II

Traffic shifts on Interstate 64 have begun on the second segment of the I-64 Widening Project and will continue through the summer, moving traffic from the two existing concrete travel lanes onto the new travel lanes to allow for the full reconstruction of the previous lanes.The first two traffic shifts took place in the western section of the project, with traffic now traveling on the newly constructed 12-foot travel lanes and 12-foot shoulders in place in both directions on I-64, from the western limits of the project near Route 199 (exit 242) through the Burma Road bridge eastbound and to Route 143 (exit 243B) westbound.

Starting the morning of June 12, motorists are advised to stay alert to a new traffic pattern on the Jefferson Avenue (Route 143) on-ramp to I-64 west, as traffic is shifted right to the new outside lane.

Once the reconstruction phase is complete on the existing lanes, a 2-inch layer of surface mix asphalt will be placed on both the new and reconstructed lanes, which will create a smooth surface across all lanes.
Motorists using the new travel lanes after the I-64 east traffic shift that took place on April 29, starting from the western limits of the project near Route 199 (exit 242) to the Burma Road bridge (mile marker 245).
Seg II traffic shift WB
Motorists using the new travel lanes after the I-64 west traffic shift that took place on May 6, starting near Route 143 west (exit 243B) to the western limits of the project near Route 199 (exit 242).
Segment II Work Activities
Recently Completed
  • Completed eastbound and westbound traffic shifts on western end of corridor.
  • Bridge deck placements at Jefferson Avenue and Yorktown Road bridges.
  • Completed Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) operations and cement-treated crushed concrete placement for the newly constructed eastbound and westbound lanes.

Current Status:
  • Continue maintenance work throughout corridor, including pothole and roadway repairs.
  • Continue cut and fill operations and subgrade stabilization.
  • Bridge repairs and new superstructure element installation at the nine interstate bridges.
  • Installation of new concrete bridge parapets.
  • Continue bridge deck placements at Yorktown Road and westbound Burma Road bridges.
  • Placement of latex modified concrete overlays over existing bridge decks.
  • Placement of new pavement section in median (east of Exit 243B) to include:
  • Subbase layer of cement-treated crushed concrete
  • Base layer of Cold Central Plant Recycling Material
  • Surface asphalt
  • Full-depth reclamation (FDR) operations eastbound on existing lanes between Exits 243 and 247.
  • Installation of pipe and drainage structures in the median.
  • Installation of new overhead sign structure foundations.
  • Installation of permanent guardrail in preparation for next traffic shift.

Upcoming Work Activities:
  • Cut and fill operations in the median and outside existing lanes.
  • Maintenance work throughout the corridor.
  • Completion of bridge widening and repair activities on the Yorktown Road, Jefferson Avenue, Burma Road, Penniman Road, and Exit 243B Ramp bridges. 
  • Work on existing and new drainage culverts.
  • FDR operations and placement of CCPR materials and asphalt in newly constructed lanes.
  • Next traffic shift eastbound from Burma Road bridge (mile marker 245) to Lee Hall/Jefferson Avenue (exit 247).
Pouring eastbound bridge deck at Jefferson Avenue
Pouring eastbound bridge deck at Jefferson Avenue
Paving new eastbound lanes west of Penniman Road
Pouring westbound bridge deck at Jefferson Avenue
Pouring westbound bridge deck at Jefferson Avenue
Segment III Work Activities
Recently Completed
  • Field surveys and utility designations completed.

Current Status:
  • Design development ongoing.
  • Boring operations continue.

Upcoming Work:
  • Construction to begin with shoulder strengthening mid-summer 2018.
Queens Creek Bridge Deck Boring
Lane Closures:
Each week's scheduled lane and ramp closures can be found on the project website on the Traffic Alerts page. 

Weeknight east- and westbound single-lane closures on I-64 take place on Sundays through Thursdays, beginning as early as 7 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. the following morning between Yorktown Road (exit 247) and Route 199/Lightfoot (exit 234).

All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions.

Alternate Routes:
Avoid the backups and find alternate routes around the work zone by viewing the  Alternate Routes Map now available on the I-64 Widening web site.
   Please obey the reduced 55 mph speed limit which is in effect 24/7 in both the east- and westbound work zones of the project between Yorktown Road (exit 247) and Colonial Parkway.