January 2019
Final Roadway Plan Boards from Citizen Meeting Available Online
On November 14, more than 80 citizens attended the latest Segment III citizen information meeting at Bruton High School, hosted by design-build contractor, Shirley Contracting Company. Members of the design-build team, along with VDOT representatives were on hand to answer questions and share approved plan designs, results of the approved noise analysis, and the construction schedule for the widening project spanning from approximately 1 mile west of the Route 199/Lightfoot exit (exit 234) to 1 mile west of the Humelsine Parkway/Marquis Center Parkway (exit 242).

The meeting materials and frequently asked questions can be found on the project website Meetings page here.

Final Noise Analysis Completed

Based on the results of the final noise analysis completed this fall, five noise barriers have been determined to meet the criteria for installation as part of the I-64 Widening Segment III Project. Three of these barriers are located along the eastbound lanes of I-64 and extend in different segments, beginning on the bridge over Queens Creek and continuing to the east beyond the bridges over Colonial Parkway and Lakeshead Drive. The other two barriers are located along the westbound lanes of I-64 and generally extend from just east of the bridge over Queens Creek to just west of the bridge over Lakeshead Drive. Residents benefited from these noise barriers voted in favor of the proposed barriers last month, resulting in all five barriers being included for construction.

A graphic of these noise barrier locations can be found on the project website here .
Construction Activities Begin Beyond the Interstate
Motorist access will be maintained on Lakeshead Drive and Colonial Parkway throughout daytime weekday lane closures.

Over the next two to three weeks, crews will be installing temporary construction signs on Lakeshead Drive and Colonial Parkway near the I-64 overpasses. This will be followed by the placement of temporary concrete traffic barriers along the outside of Lakeside Drive at the overpass. Traffic barriers along Colonial Parkway will be installed in the next couple weeks.

To complete this work, daytime weekday lane closures will be in place and will be operating under flagger control to maintain two-way traffic flow along Lakeshead Drive.

Motorist access to Lakeshead Drive and adjacent side streets will be maintained throughout this work. Emergency vehicle access to nearby neighborhoods by way of Lakeshead Drive will never be restricted throughout construction.

All project work and scheduled closures are dependent upon weather conditions.
New Traffic Patterns To Begin Westbound on Interstate 64

Keep an eye out for westbound traffic shifts within Segment II--spanning from 1.05 miles west of Route 199 Humelsine Parkway (exit 242) to .54 miles east of Yorktown Road (exit 247)--scheduled for mid-February. Traffic will be shifted into the right and center travel lanes to allow for further construction activities on the outside and median lanes. The same traffic shift for the eastbound lanes is scheduled to begin mid-March. Once the shifts are in place, crews will also begin profile milling to improve motorist rideability and ensure a smooth foundation for the final surface layer of asphalt to be placed across all lanes this spring.

For more weekly traffic information, visit the Project Traffic Alerts page.
Segment II Work Activities

Recently Completed

  • Completed bridge deck overlays for all nine interstate bridges.
  • Completed full depth reclamation project wide.

Current Status:

  • Continue maintenance work throughout corridor, including pothole and roadway repairs.
  • Started installation of landscaping
  • Finishing sight distance clearing at the Route 199 interchange
  • Installation of ground-mounted signage and guardrail.
  • Continue setting sound wall posts, pouring caissons and setting panels for sound barrier. 
  • Bridge repairs and construction at the nine interstate bridges, including punchlist items at Burma Road, Penniman Road, Exit 243B Ramp, and Yorktown Road bridges
  • Finishing placement of the intermediate asphalt layer for the reconstructed lanes. Final surface asphalt layer to be placed this spring.
  • Installation of pipe and drainage structures in the median.

Upcoming Work Activities:

  • Maintenance work throughout the project corridor.
  • Completion of bridge widening, repair activities and final bridge inspections on the Exit 243B Ramp bridge and the bridges over Yorktown Road, Jefferson Avenue, Burma Road, and Penniman Road. 
  • Traffic shift and profile milling throughout the project corridor beginning westbound mid-February, eastbound mid-March.
  • Placement of final surface layer of asphalt across all lanes this spring.
Segment III Work Activities
Recently Completed

  • Completed all eastbound and westbound outside shoulder strengthening.
  • All westbound and eastbound traffic shifts, installation of concrete barrier and temporary pavement markings complete on I-64.
  • Installation of construction signage on Lakeshead Drive.

Current Status:

  • Design development ongoing.
  • Installation of concrete traffic barrier on Lakeshead Drive.
  • Installation of temporary construction signs and concrete barrier on Colonial Parkway.
  • Continuing temporary drainage and earthwork in center median, as well as installation of median construction entrances and clearing laydown areas.
  • Clearing and grubbing from near the Queens Creek bridges to the eastern Segment II project limits.

Upcoming Work:

  • Continue installation of temporary construction signs and concrete barriers on Lakeshead Drive and Colonial Parkway near the I-64 overpasses.
  • Restriping of existing pavement markings.
  • Mobilization for Queens Creek Bridge construction.
  • Clearing and grubbing westbound starting at Route 143/Camp Peary (Exit 238).
  • Milling and removal of existing asphalt.
Lane Closures:
Each week's scheduled lane and ramp closures can be found on the project website on the Traffic Alerts page. 

Weeknight east- and westbound single-lane closures on I-64 take place on Sundays through Thursdays, beginning as early as 7 p.m. and ending by 5 a.m. the following morning between Yorktown Road (exit 247) and Route 199/Lightfoot (exit 234).

A consecutive, long-term full ramp closure on Route 143 Merrimac Trail north to I-64 west continues. Traffic will follow detour signage in place directing motorists to the Route 143 south on-ramp to I-64 west during the closure.

All construction work is dependent upon weather conditions.

Alternate Routes:
Avoid the backups and find alternate routes around the work zone by viewing the  Alternate Routes Map now available on the I-64 Widening website.
   Please obey the reduced 55 mph speed limit which is in effect 24/7 in both the east- and westbound work zones of the project, between the eastern Segment II project limits near Yorktown Road (exit 247) and the western Segment III project limits near Route 199/Lightfoot (exit 234).