I-64 Southside Widening and High Rise Bridge Expansion Project
Significant Progress Made on New Bridge as Pile Driving Operations Conclude

In January, crews completed pile driving operations for the concrete piles supporting the new High Rise Bridge. Many of these piles are 100 feet or longer and would span six miles from end to end if they were laid flat on the ground.

To the east of the river (closest to Virginia Beach), crews have successfully installed all of the bridge beams for 16 spans, which represents more than 40% of the entire bridge length (as seen in above photo). There are a total of 37 bridge spans that will be constructed to complete the new High Rise Bridge.

In the river, crews are constructing the piers and pier caps that will later support the bridge decks, along with the new fender system at the channel which is nearly complete.

The new bridge is expected to be finished in the summer of 2022. When the new bridge is completed, all I-64 west traffic (heading towards Virginia Beach) will be shifted to the new bridge, while two lanes of I-64 traffic remain on the existing bridge, to allow crews to reconfigure the current bridge to carry all eastbound traffic (towards Suffolk). At the completion of the project, the new bridge will carry three lanes of westbound traffic towards Virginia Beach and the current bridge will be reconfigured to carry three lanes of eastbound traffic towards Suffolk (two general purpose lanes and one express lane in each direction).
Aerial photo captured March 6 shows progress of the new bridge. Image shows installation of bridge deck formwork on the east side of the bridge (closest to Virginia Beach).
Aerial photo captured March 6 shows construction of the new bridge over the river. Also shown is the nearly completed fender system in the channel.
Drawing illustrates final configuration of the two bridges.
New traffic pattern on I-64W near the Great Bridge Boulevard overpass began Jan. 23 as construction progresses on the new High Rise Bridge
In January, crews established a new traffic pattern on I-64 west (towards Virginia Beach) from the Great Bridge Boulevard overpass to Exit 290B (Battlefield Boulevard) that will allow crews to complete reconstruction of the existing median and I-64 mainline to prepare for the tie-in of the new High Rise Bridge.

This temporary traffic pattern will be in place until Fall 2021. In this new traffic pattern, traffic has been shifted to the far right and the existing barrier currently separating the collector-distributor (CD/outside) lanes and mainline has been removed. In this new lane configuration, the three westbound lanes of traffic have been shifted to the right/south to the general area of the currently existing CD/outside lanes and a work zone has been established in the median area.

As part of this new traffic pattern, left and right shoulders have been closed. All ramps and exits will be maintained. I-64 eastbound (towards Suffolk) traffic will not be impacted as part of this traffic shift.
Update on Great Bridge Boulevard Bridge Replacement

In recent months, the Project completed setting the girders and constructing the bridge deck for the new overpass across I-64. A total of 10 beams span across the interstate. Each beam is approximately 150 feet long and was manufactured locally in Chesapeake by Coastal Precast. In the coming weeks, crews will begin to pour the approach slabs and continue grading work for the roadway approaching the bridge.

The new overpass is being constructed to accommodate the necessary space for the additional lanes and width of the new High Rise Bridge and roadway widening. The new Great Bridge Boulevard Bridge is expected to be completed in summer of 2021.
Image shows installation of beams over westbound I-64. Photo taken July 13, 2020.
Aerial photo of Great Bridge Boulevard overpass. Photo taken February 17, 2021.
Updated Project Timeline
The estimated construction timeline for the Project has been updated and is available on the project website (and by clicking the schedule below). Currently all sections of the project are being worked on simultaneously.
I-64 Southside Widening and High Rise Bridge Project featured on Chesapeake Television
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