I-64 Southside Widening and High Rise Bridge Expansion Project

Construction is Underway!
Reduced Speed Ahead: Work Beginning on I-64 throughout Project Corridor
Crews have begun setting up work zones to re-stripe lanes, install temporary concrete traffic barriers and conduct other work throughout the project corridor on I-64 (I-64 east and west from Great Bridge Boulevard to Bowers Hill) to prepare for the road widening within the median along the interstate.
After the work zones are established, the speed limit on I-64 from Great Bridge Boulevard to Bowers Hill will be reduced to 55 mph for the safety of motorists and workers. A date for the speed limit change will be announced on the project website's  Traffic Alerts  page  and on portable message signs along the project corridor.
Traffic is being shifted toward the outside lane and shoulder to allow clearing in the median and construction of the additional travel lane.
Construction of Great Bridge Boulevard Bridge over I-64

Construction of the Great Bridge Boulevard Bridge is well underway. ! The new replacement bridge is being constructed slightly to the west (toward Suffolk) of the current bridge. The new Great Bridge Boulevard Bridge will be wider than the existing bridge to allow for the construction of the new High Rise Bridge and new interstate lanes. In the following photos, crews are installing temporary steel sheet piles for construction of the new bridge abutments.  
New Project Camera Added at the Great Bridge Boulevard Bridge Replacement Site

The project team has added a new project camera overlooking the Great Bridge Boulevard Bridge construction site with four different camera views.
Additional cameras along the project corridor will be added as construction progresses.
Test Pile Driving Began in the River
In late December, crews began driving the first test pile for the new bridge over the Elizabeth River.
How big are the piles that will be used to build the new High Rise Bridge? Here are their dimensions and quantities:
·     36-inch square concrete piles (216)
·     66-inch diameter concrete cylinder piles (66)
·     24-inch concrete piles at the abutments (32)
Upon completion of the project, the existing High Rise Bridge will carry only I-64 east traffic (toward I-264/Bower's Hill), while the new bridge, which will be constructed immediately to the south, will carry all I-64 west traffic (toward Virginia Beach).
Crews prepare to begin the first test pile drive in the Elizabeth River. [Photo taken from east of the High Rise Bridge looking toward Virginia Beach.]
A Bruce SGH 3515 Hydraulic hammer is used in the 66” cylindrical pile-driving operation.
Traffic Impacts | Lane Closures

  • Each week's scheduled lane and ramp closures can be found on the project website on the Traffic Alerts page. 

  • Speed Limit Reduced to 55 mph on I-64 - After the work zone areas are established, the speed limit along the I-64 work zone will be reduced to 55 mph.

  • Motorists should expect intermittent day-time flagging operations at Tennyson Avenue, Military Highway, Yadkin Road and the Great Bridge Boulevard ramp as construction crews prepare work zones.

  • Motorists should expect intermittent stoppages on Military Highway Northbound and Southbound at the I-64 overpass as crews begin the bridge widening over Military Highway from 9 a.m to 3 p.m and 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. Stoppages can last up to 20 minutes and will continue until further notice. Updates can be found on this website and roadway signage. 

  • Restricted Access at Libertyville Road and Bainbridge Boulevard Intersection Beginning in March - Beginning in March, access to Bainbridge Boulevard from Libertyville Road will be restricted. Additionally, there will be no turns from Bainbridge Boulevard onto Libertyville Road. Motorists traveling on Bainbridge Boulevard will be able to continue straight through the Libertyville Road intersection. Residents should use Great Bridge Boulevard to enter and exit Libertyville Road. (See detour map below). This closure will last approximately 10-12 months for construction of the new High Rise Bridge.

A more specific date for the beginning of the closure will be shared with project subscribers and posted on the website when that date becomes more certain.

Schedule is dependent on weather and unexpected delays.
For more information including traffic alerts and construction timelines, visit the project website at 64highrise.org.
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