Click above for an inspirational song about embracing change!

It's officially Autumn
and change is in the air!

When it comes to our daily lives,
change is a constant common theme.
Upsizing or downsizing,
moving from a city to the suburbs,
shifting career paths or deciding to start a family.
On any given day, life changes like these
can wreak havoc with our emotions
rendering us excited, scared, happy, stressed,
satisfied or exhausted and quite often a mixture of all the above!

The majority of us will
avoid change rather than embrace it.
However, life is dynamic and "sh*t happens"
whether we want it to or not.
This is something we can all count on!
But what happens to you
is not as important as what you DO about it.

Here are a few basic tips for navigating change in a positive way.

~ Get yourself a routine ASAP.
~ Take good care of yourself.
~ Let yourself be sad and vulnerable for a while
and find or accept help if you need it.
~ Don't make too many changes at once.
~ Change your perspective and find the empowerment in it.
~ Remember that you'll adapt to the change.
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