Seniors Kristina Schiffman and Iva Chho discuss how PCCAPS changed their life.
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Right now, there’s not as much of an emphasis on grades; colleges are looking for what people can already do. Do you have the skills to actually be successful in the world? PCCAPS gives students a way to show this.” -Kristina Schiffman and Iva Chho, PCCAPS students.

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Donor Spotlight: The Rifkin Family
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Teacher Spotlight: Kelly Henderson
TMJH/PCHS Programming, AP Programming, PCCAPS Software Solutions Teacher
“I t’s AMAZING what she does… All of the students we see having so much success right now - all of them have HER in common.” -Iva Chho, PCHS Senior, speaking about Kelly Henderson.

Read on to learn more about PCHS and PCCAPS Programming teacher Kelly Henderson, and why she is such a role model for her students.
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