Happy Thanksgiving! 

I hope this holiday season brings you special times with loved ones and quiet moments to count your blessings.  As some of you know, my parents are both facing some major health issues this year which is making me more introspective than usual.  So this Thanksgiving, I'm trying to be the kind of wife, mom, daughter, and friend that brings joy and encouragement. 

I also want to say a special thank you to all of you.  Yikes has truly been a blessing to me this year and it's because of the awesome people I work with every day!  Your friendship means so much to me!
News You Can Use

A reminder that if you need "another you" during the holidays, not only do I help with holiday decorating, you can also hire me to be your "personal assistant."  I can run errands, wrap presents, bake, address Christmas cards or just help you get caught up around the house. 

Also, I met an awesome handyman a few weeks ago who also puts up outdoor lights.  If you need someone like this, please call him at 615-618-5474.  His name is Stephen Sterling and the business is Sterling Perfection. 

More of a "Do-Over than a Make-Over"

I'm leaving out the makeover section this month but stay tuned in December for pictures of an amazing garage makeover we are just finishing.  It will get you motivated to work on that much neglected (for most people anyway) part of your home.

And...because up until last month I may have had a ten year old picture of us on my website, this is the "real" Eimer family as of last December.

The Eimer Gang 2015
About Yikes Organizing

I wish I could say that I've always wanted to be a professional organizer but the truth is that I'm a late bloomer.  I didn't start writing until my thirties and didn't start Yikes until my forties.  I like changing things up and one day realized I had the ideal background for this kind of work.  For one thing we have six kids (no that isn't a typo) and have moved 16 times!  I have lived in really big houses and really small apartments.  I've hoarded (only baby clothes, but still) and I've purged.  But I did finally come to realize what many of you already know...  "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." :)


I realize that organizing isn't rocket science but sometimes you need help getting started or the accountability that an organizer provides.  That's what Yikes Organizing is all about.  We will get you from "good grief" to "gorgeous" or at the very least from "disaster" to "delightful." 


Call me today at 615-604-0527 for more information on rates and a FREE consultation. Visit my website at www.yikesorganizing.com.


Barb Eimer, Professional Organizer
Nashville, TN |  615-604-0527