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April 2018
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I Gotta Feelin'
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4 Medical Tests
Teresa was awesome in every way. She was professional, yet caring and encouraging, offering me consolation during a stressful time. Her kindness and sensitivity meant so much. She was thorough about the different facilities in our area and had many options/suggestions for me. I felt genuinely cared for, and so did my father.
-Vetta Martin
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How are we different?


What makes us different from our competitors is that we do not give you a list of facilities to cold call. We research, interview, tour, negotiate cost, and select the best available options for your particular needs.

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I Gotta Feelin'
Someone to Love, Something to Do, Something to Look Forward To

We seniors represent the first generation in America to have significantly longer lives. In 1900, the average American lifespan for women was 48; for men, it was 46. Now our average lifespan is 81 for women and 76 for men. 
2nd Jobs
Retired Professor Captures Light and Life in Encore Career

Charles Sleicher shows me one of his favorite photographs: an egret, snowy white against a dark, pre-dawn sky, tail fanned like a spraying fountain. It's a picture that took him years to get: years of annual forays into the Florida darkness, searching patiently for just the right spot, the right light, the right moment in the egret's ritual courtship performance.

4 Medical Tests
4 Regular Health Tests Every Senior Citizen Should Perform

As you age, your body begins to change and your immune system function often starts to decline. As a result, you can become more susceptible to acute and chronic illnesses. 
Making appropriate and successful placements 
 in the care community.  

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