October 7, 2020
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Students of the University of Maine System,
This Monday, October 12, marks just the second Maine celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day. It is a chance to reflect upon and honor the rich traditions and culture of Native American peoples.  With no classes on Monday I hope you join me in commemorating a still new and long overdue observance.  
A Respectful Request at the Halfway Point
A day off from class cannot be a break from the practices that have made the safe return of our universities the envy of the nation -- not if we want to finish the second half of the semester safe and together on our campuses, that is.
You know what it takes and you know what to do!
  • Maintain social distances;
  • Avoid large group gatherings;
  • Stay home if you are sick;
  • Get a flu shot; and, 
  • Wear your masks and wash your hands; 
Here are some new things to know for the last six weeks of in-person instruction before our transition to distance learning at the Thanksgiving Break.  
Random sampling is keeping us safe and improving:  The hard work of our testing teams and your commitment to being on campus this semester are working.  We saw a 50% increase in student participation in our most recent 10-day round of random asymptomatic sampling!
I joined President Ferrini-Mundy for testing at UMaine last week and was very impressed with how fast and easy it now is to get a test. If called upon to participate, please take part. 
Chancellor and UM President in line to test
Testing for all Residential Students:  To make sure we get the second half of the semester off to a safe start we are going to amplify testing for COVID-19 in the round of sampling after the holiday weekend to include all residential students. Your university testing teams will be in touch.  
Testing After Travel:  While enjoying the weekend please do what you can to minimize travel -- especially travel beyond Maine!
If you do travel out of Maine over the weekend or at any time you are required to comply with our travel guidance for a safe return to Maine and to campus.  Please be aware of the protocols based on your out-of-state destination.  

We are almost there and we can continue to be the envy of colleges and universities across the nation if we remain committed to being together and being safe for the rest of the fall.  
I know we can count on you!
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Dannel P. Malloy, Chancellor
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