Week of February 19, 2018
I See Claims...
Construction is a litigious business. Often times the signs were right in front of you from day one. Pay attention and look for the behaviors of the parties that often indicate inevitable dispute and possibly a claim at the end of the job.
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Engineering or Communication Failure?
Almost 40 years later, we still should be learning from the tragedy at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City. Yes, an engineering failure, but the real failure was just in simple job site communication. Read More
Proposal Terms and Conditions
Submitting a clear and concise proposal is an important step in getting the project off on the right foot. An ambiguous proposal welcomes dispute. Be complete in the listing of terms and conditions in your proposals. Listen Now
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The $5 Casio: Your Best Tool
With all of today’s fancy and complex tools available in the marketplace, nothing is more important than simple calculations (and common sense). Rely on simplicity and basic math to check your work. Watch Now
Engineers and Architects Gotta Step It Up
Contractors for as long as I can remember have been taking on risk that is not theirs to take. Engineers and architects can do a much better job of protecting projects by improving management of the construction process. Listen Now
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