Ken Carfagno, Carfagno Cleaning Inc.
We originally opened our businesses in Upstate NY on July 25, 2005. We then sold the company and moved to PA in July 2018. Our business cleans homes & offices on a recurring weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis with a flair for the art of first impressions. Our company also cleans windows, move-in / move-out deep cleans, and real estate sale-ready presentation cleans to help realtors sell homes.
  How did you get started in your line of work? My mom made me do house chores at 7 years old and I never looked back. Well, there was a short stint of 10 years when I attended Penn State and then worked as a Mechanical Engineer for GE. In mid-2005, my wife and infant son were on the patio of our apartment and the property manager approached her. " Our cleaners are not good at all. They didn't show up again! Hey Teresa, would you be interested in cleaning empty apartments? " Teresa got insured and I registered DBA Carfagno Cleaning on 7/25/05. Cleaning as a business paid way better than mom did (sorry mom)!
What is the favorite part of your job? I own and operate the company, so it's always a joy to see the finished job and the satisfaction on the client's face! I love that!
What is one of your latest and greatest accomplishments?

During COVID-19, I dug into the science of cleaning and disinfecting pulling the latest resources from the CDC, EPA, and other reputable sites. I combined this research with my 16 years of hands-on cleaning to create the " 9 Mistakes in Disinfecting " and " How to Disinfect Properly " mini-course. I was given the opportunity to present this content to our chamber through a webinar as well as several other business networking groups and online (virtual) interviews. I'm very proud of this work because the content has helped many families and small business owners prepare and protect their homes and offices and I never charged a dime!
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After Photos
What is your favorite place in the Indian Valley? We have only lived in the Indian Valley for a year, but I would say hands down... the amazing network of walking trails in and around Harleysville! We love taking our kids on their scooters and walking together as a family. I have some honorable mentions too. Shout out to my friend Dr. Mak at the Skippack Pharmacy who always has the PPE you need, to Feine's Cafe with their awesome co-working setup (prior to COVID), the Harleysville pool (when it was open) was a blast for our family, and the Souderton Wawa that my son and I visit every Saturday during our office cleaning day!
We are pleased to have Carfagno Cleaning as a member. 
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