Thomas Dufraine, VP of Applied Energy Partners
Applied Energy Partners was initially formed in 2004 and later acquired by SJI in September of 2019. In 2009, Applied Energy Partners transitioned from a lighting company to an energy procurement firm. After 10 years of building a highly successful energy procurement company we were acquired by SJI, and with the recent M&A with EnerConnex we are now one of the largest energy consultants in the Mid-Atlantic region. 
Our focus is helping commercial and industrial energy users procure the lowest possible rates for both electricity and natural gas. Through our hyper-competitive pricing events and vast supplier network, we create intense competition forcing all viable suppliers within any given utility to bid for our client’s business. In addition to our procurement services, we now offer Demand Response, and Energy Efficiency Credit/Rebate Programs throughout the Tri-State area. 
 I have always enjoyed interacting with people whether it was with teachers, students or parents in my previous career as a school administrator, to now meeting business owners and execs across various industries. 

Over the last 6 months, I have worked hard on implementing and providing new services for our large commercial and industrial clients. Most recently we enrolled our largest manufacturer with our Demand Response partner and ran a very successful curtailment generating over 100K in annual revenue for our client which will payout quarterly over the 2020/2021 curtailment season.
Previously, I was an educator in the city of Philadelphia. I started as a teacher within an alternative education program then earned 2 masters while becoming an administrator in alternative ed and then within the Philadelphia charter school system. I was commuting well over an hour and had just became a new father of twins and realized I could not continue working excessively long hours and be there for my family. A friend of a friend had an entrepreneurial opportunity which allowed me to reduce my commute and have the flexibility my family needed. So roughly ten years ago, I took a leap of faith, which paid off as I was able to grow a business from roughly 30 customers to well over 300 which lead to the acquisition by a publicly traded company. 
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