Seeing (Everything) Is Believing - Tech "Trick" for October 25, 2016
Happy October!

Here is the final Tech Tip trick AND treat for October. I was the Alt-Tab king for switching between open apps, but this tip goes way further. It goes without saying, whether you use this or not, that you might be able to spot a ghost or two this weekend... Happy Halloween!
Easy Task View Switcheroo...
Are you like me and have a few open windows at once? C'mon, it's OK. You are in the majority. But where you once had trouble managing them all, now you can bring them up all at once. Simple keystroke combination - the Windows key and the Tab key. That's it! And you get something similar to the picture. You may notice that there are little desktop windows at the bottom. You can easily open separate desktops by clicking the "Add Desktop" plus sign on the bottom right. If you would like a list of all of the Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts, click here and save to your favorites in your browser of choice.
November Events for TechWise Group
Once we get past Halloween this weekend, November is right on top of us! And while many of us will be thinking about Thanksgiving, other will be trying to get a jump start on holiday shopping. Meanwhile, we will be exhibiting at the Delaware Valley Legal Expo in King of Prussia  (click here for more info) and preparing for a December 1 Lunch & Learn with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce geared around Mobility and working away from the office, with a limited amount of seats available. We hope to see you at one of those or elsewhere down the road! | 610.353.9010 |