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Oh How I Want to Be Touched
Sara Kooperman, JD   
As most of you know, I have been teaching fitness classes for over 40 years - decades of telling people what to do! I am now a consumer of my own production.
Peloton Removes Unlicensed Songs After Lawsuit
CBS News
Fitness tech giant Peloton has removed dozens of workouts from their programming as over 1,000 songs, resulting in a $150 million lawsuit.  
Chocolate Avocado Cookies | Sweet As Honey, Simple Clean Eating Recipes
These gooey treats are made with only 5 Ingredients! Try these amazingly simple Chocolate Avocado Cookies. 100% gluten free, low carb, paleo, & sugar free.
Why She Left Her Veterinary Job to Become a Fitness Pro!
MANIA® Video Testimonial
Two kids and two-hundred pounds lighter, Stacey is the Founder/CEO of Empowered by You Fitness in New York City! Listen to Stacey's Testimonial from NYC MANIA® below!