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August 2020
 „Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.“ –Psalm 36:5

There are so many ways that God has been faithful to us this month, but I only have time to share a few instances.

The children and teen camps were extremely successful this year. One thing that captured my attention and I found very interesting was the fact that each camp focused on themes that we were already working on with our children and teens at church. We hadn't planned it that way, but it was just one more confirmation to us that God was speaking to our children and teens!

The teen camp was especially meaningful. A large majority of our teens asked for prayer and made decisions to rededicate their lives to Christ. The presence of God was strong and present all throughout the camp, which had truly been our prayer. Our teens learned and began to put into practice things that I truly believe will follow them throughout their lives. Thank you all for being in prayer with us for our teens and children. 

Another way we've seen God's faithfulness in answered prayer is in regard to our family van. As I've mentioned in previous updates, our van is getting too old to re-register, and we have been praying for God to provide us with a new one. Finances have begun coming in toward that need, and so far we have $4,000 set aside. A used van in good condition costs about $25,000 so we are about a fifth of the way there. We are greatly encouraged by the faithfulness of God.

In regard to the home that we are trying to purchase, we did hit a bump in the road when we found out that the owners didn't have all of the necessary legal paperwork, however, they did immediately file for that paperwork (which was another answer to prayer). One bank that we have been communicating has been very positive. We hope that within a month or two by the grace of God, we will have some very good news for you on that front. Please, continue praying with us for this need. There have been so many huge answers to prayer in regard to buying our own home, and we are continuing to proclaim the faithfulness of God.
> Kid's camp and Teen camps were a huge success
> More finances have come in toward our van
> Our worship CD was released this month

One other way we've see God's faithfulness in our ministry this month is by the completion of our worship CD. Yes, folks, „Enter into Your Victory“ is finally out and will be up on iTunes for purchase by the end of the week. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram and Twitter pages for links to iTunes and Spotify. This is such a huge answer to prayer. We've have been working on this CD for almost four years! Not only is this an opportunity to share the music God has given us with the world, but 100% of the proceeds from this CD will be donated toward the purchase of our church's facilities. It gives our church (the Croatian people) a way to generate their own revenue for their church building. We are excited to see what God does!
> Our worship CD would be a success (the more we sell, the more is donated toward the purchase of our church building)
> The paperwork for our home would be resolved quickly
> For the outpouring of God's Spirit on the lives of those who visit occasionally and on young believers, that they would be rooted and grounded in the Word

Our family had so much fun on vacation this year. We spent 5 days in a small village called Otok in the vacation home of an acquaintance. It was a beautiful time of much needed relaxation. We then went on to spend 5 days in another small village on the northern coast of Croatia near the town of Pula. Mario was asked to preach that Sunday at the church of our friend, Nebojša Đurić; and we had a wonderful time of fellowship with them, ministering and visiting with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Pula.

God's faithfulness to his people never ends; it is seen so easily in everyday details as long as we are focused on Him instead of the problems that would so easily pull our focus from Him. Right along with each problem comes God's faithfulness, so if we see the problems of life as an OPPORTUNITY for God's faithfulness to be made manifest, it gives us a whole other perspective on life's problems.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your faithfulness in supporting our ministry. We are so thankful for your consistent prayer and support. 

In His Love,
Mario & Bonnie
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach