Dear Friend,

Today with my wife, Jenni, and our three children by our side, I announce my candidacy for State Board of Education (SBOE), District 6! Our current SBOE Member Donna Bahorich has decided she will not seek re-election for this office and, at the end of her term, will have served honorably in this role for 8 years, which includes four years as SBOE Chair. Her work on the State Board of Education has been one of building consensus without compromising her conservative principles, and one where significant progress has been made to benefit all the students across Texas.  I am certain you join me in thanking Donna for her incredible service and commitment to Texas students during her service on the State Board of Education.

I am ready to go to work for the 5.4 million Texas children attending public schools, like my own kids. My three children are in public schools and I have been an active parent as a volunteer, member of Dad's Club and a PTA Legislative Liaison at the elementary and middle schools my children attend.

The work of the State Board of Education often goes unnoticed but it is critical to deciding what curriculum standards (TEKS) will be taught, what textbooks our children use that implement those curriculum standards, and, most importantly, that all stakeholders are involved and lines of communication are open amongst constituencies, which includes parents, students, educators, subject matter experts, elected officials and school districts.

I am running to serve as your next State Board of Education Member for the following reasons:

1. Apply over 20 years of business, finance, and investment experience to oversee the $44 billion Permanent School Fund investments and distributions for the 5.4 million students of Texas;
2. Leverage educational, public service and professional learnings and experiences to build a consensus of parents, educators, subject matter experts, and other board members to develop and approve curriculum standards and approve instructional materials that will best prepare our children for college, career, or military upon graduation;
3. Expanding the process to include feedback from students about creation of courses that are more relevant and meaningful to prepare for a 21st century workforce, for example, more courses such as financial literacy and cyber security;

 4. Approve high quality charter schools to allow more public school choices for parents and students.

I ask for your support in this campaign today! The Republican Primary election is March 3, 2020. My record of service on Bellaire City Council exhibits my commitment to conservative principles in elected office. I am happy to answer any questions you have and am ready to get to work for our Texas students!

You can read my bio at   and  endorse my candidacy here . This is a big district and I will need to spread the news about my candidacy as quickly as possible. If you can help with a contribution today, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please click here to contribute .

Thank you for sharing in this exciting day with my family and me, and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

Will Hickman