Have you ever seen STARVATION?
(can you help us continue to help John?)

Loving on the vulnerable people of Uganda is a true joy, BUT, it doesn't come without many many moments of heartbreak and devastation.

Just one of many trying events we've faced recently is the story of John (pictured above). John's mom died in childbirth, and his dad just couldn't cope. He turned to alcohol to numb his pain. Not only did John lose his mom, but now he had lost his dad to this addiction.

We aren't sure how John made it to the age of 20 months. He wasn't eating and his body was beginning to break down. His limbs (including his private parts) began to swell. He was on the verge of death and his dad wasn't capable to helping because of the alcohol.

THANKFULLY a good samaritan LITERALLY showed mercy and brought John to SMI back in July.

As John came into our clinic, the other waiting patients stepped aside knowing that his case was critical. He was being tortured by the pain, but didn't have many tears left to cry. He had scabs all over his body, swelling of his legs and his private parts were so swollen, it looked as though it might explode. It was heartbreaking and infuriating all at the same time.

I'm cringing as I write this. If you ever seen a child in severe pain, it is one of the most unbearable things EVER.

John couldn't lift his arms much less sit up or walk. His muscles weren't developed enough.

THANKFULLY, from that day forward, we've been able to help precious John receive the much needed medical care and food he deserves. The photo above is John just a little over 2 months after his first visit to our clinic.
John and his siblings pictured above are now being cared for by a neighbor and an auntie.

Would you consider sponsoring
John and his siblings?

Sponsorships help ensure we can provide the needed food, medical and social care these children need each month.
This little guy is also named John. (that's different for sure, but that is the name the family shared with us) He's the eldest sibling. At this point we haven't been able to get him to smile, but we hope that changes soon.
Beautiful Brenda did a big ol' cheese for us when we took her picture. She's a cutie for sure. We can't wait to see what all God has in store for little Brenda.

John is standing and walking now, which is a HUGE improvement
Sponsorship makes it possible for us to provide continual support each and every month.

We have other children on our website in need of sponsors as well.

PS - We couldn't have helped John if it wasn't for the faithful support of our many donors. Your giving matters. There are so many other inspiring stories we just haven't had time to share with you. Your donations are touching lives. THANK YOU for caring. ~ Lori Salley (co-founder)