"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened." - Author Unknown
We believe dogs add more joy to life and each deserves a place to call home. Through We Are Straydog (WASD) we showcase and share stories of the shelter.
It's a crazy feeling when you're a straydog roaming the countryside, foraging whatever you can find and then you stroll upon a property with people. Most will give you some scraps and send you on your way, but that day that I stumbled upon Straydog, I knew I had found my home. To think that was nine (yes 9) years ago! As a senior dog, I love being the "leading lady" here at the shelter. I've seen so many amazing changes and advancements. I'm overly excited about this new Master Care Building project and what it will do for Straydog No-Kill Shelter.
I'd love to spend my remaining years living the life with an amazing family. I'm great with children and get along with most other dogs. I enjoy long walks, lounging around and LOVE playing in the pool. I sit well, always want cookies and will let you brush me all day long (feels so good). I'm only a little afraid of thunderstorms and loud bangs, but I know where my comfort places are, with you would be one. If you're looking for a senior dog to love on, I'd love to meet you. Until then I'm here with my best buddy and kennel mate, Joe, living a great life - thanks to the wonderful caregivers and supporters of Straydog!
We've had a gracious donor offer to match $20,000 in donations!!
We can always use extra hands at all Adoption Days, but especially for the Guitar Show. Please email Linda, straydogshelter@gmail.com if you can offer a few hours!
Straydog No-Kill Shelter and Sanctuary is currently home to 170 dogs full of love! Your generous donations support our mission in being a No-Kill shelter and sanctuary, providing an enjoyable and loving home for all ages and challenges faced by our dogs, all while seeking to find their forever home.