July 31, 2017 --  I don't understand

           "I don't understand"

There are many things I don't understand a few are:
*War -*Children in pain - and *"Me" before family with revenge over the ability to forgive. 
War not just between nations or factions but also war like attitudes between family members. The children in pain, are sometimes the ones who have been so restricted and protected by their parents that they are not ready for the lessons life will teach. As adults they may end up in mental, and sometimes physical, pain.

         "I really don't get it"
Wars in families often leave the family members looking for revenge and ways to get even. In most of these type of "wars" one family member tries to hold something over the other, trying to win the battle of wills. Then everything escalates into, "What can I do to get back at you, make you feel bad, hurt your feelings etc". Somehow treating family members without respect becomes the goal. When does it end? - I don't understand why families want to live like this. Why they just walk away from one another.
         "What I do Understand"
Everyone in a family "war" has had times when they have hurt one another by what they have done or said. All have given and received words and actions that have hurt feelings and ego's. Everyone needs to apologize for hurting each other without any need of apologies from others.  Everyone needs to forgive one other for the hurt others placed on you. Forgiveness even whe others don't show any remorse. No excuses, no rebuttal, just family coming together in order to start again as a loving family. Take the first step and ask for forgiveness for the hurt you gave to another (yes you have) without restriction, maybe without an apology from another. Do it without the thought of "getting payback" sometime in the future. Be the first to begin healing the family. It may take some people longer than others to "buy in" to forgiveness. Do it anyway. You may find a family that you no longer fight with, that get along, that support and love one another.  Be the one to take the first step to heal the family -That is a goal I do understand.
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