more than ever!
Dear United Way Friends & Supporters,
Through the turmoil of the last 20 months, your local United Way stepped up to meet the growing needs of our community members. We were able to significantly increase the number of people served by our organization as well as the services we provide, with recent data showing that we are helping over 7,000 people per month in our immediate area through our partners and programs. 

We cannot thank you enough for making this possible!

I often hear: “I had no idea United Way did that!” For example, when the pandemic caused students to pivot to remote learning, United Way partnered with local organizations to provide more than 700 free and low-cost computers for at-risk students to remain connected through our PCs for Kids program. I remember when a mother asked me, “When do I need to return the computer?” I explained that it was theirs to keep. The tears of happiness streaming down her face confirmed that our work matters; that we are helping our vulnerable populations on a real, tangible level. 

That is why we are here. 

Today we are asking for your attention: we hope you take the time to learn about the creative and critical ways we are present within your community. And finally, we are asking for your generous support. As always, we invest your funds wisely in areas where our community will benefit the most.
Lynn Urban
President & CEO
United Way of Southwest Colorado
970-247-9444 office
970-903-3815 cell
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