Coming October 1st!
C.T. Adams/Cat Adams/A.S. James Newsletter
October 2020
Brutal Cold comes out 10/1 and is available for now on Amazon.
TRIGGER WARNING – this book has a suicide, violence, and quite a bit of salty language.
At some point you just have to let go and either put it out there or trash it. I love the characters too much to quit on them, and the beta readers were all positive, so I’m taking a deep breath and putting it out there for the rest of you at $2.99. 
I priced it at $2.99 to make it affordable—in part because I kept the overhead down on this one. It was a class project, and I didn’t have the editors I normally hire, I designed the cover and ad copy myself and my BRILLIANT ASSISTANT Karenne dealt with all of the formatting, webstuff, and miscellany because she is SERIOUSLY AWESOME. (She is also the one getting this to you, so Kudos and thanks)
Also, thank you to all of you who sent me the WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT. They were definitely needed and appreciated. Those of you who were kind enough to send gifts too—it was unexpected and made me feel so good to know that you cared. THANK YOU ALL.
For those of you who have asked, the sequel to THE EXILE is with the editor in New York. There was a major delay. I’m not sure about the release schedule, but I will keep you advised. In the meantime, THE NEW CELIA GRAVES BOOK is moving along quickly. As usual, our intrepid hero(ine) has gotten herself into all sorts of trouble. I’m at the stage of the book where things are pretty darned grim. But I believe in our hero(ine). I’ll keep you posted. (And if you’re wondering why the ine is in parens, my entire life been bugged by hero being a male word and the fact that heroine sounds like heroin the drug. Silly? Probably, but there you go.)
I’ve decided to try something. I don’t know how well it will work, but I want to give it another shot. Once upon a time I had the “Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial” on my blog where I would post a story in installments. I’m thinking of trying it again but putting the story on the website to see if I can get you guys to swing by more often.  What do you think? Good idea? Crappy idea? Neutral? Let me know at my email of: In the meantime, the first installment of the first story will be coming up next week barring disaster.
Okay, I have to run. Winner of the gift card should be getting it the week of the 1st. Next contest.
SEND AN EMAIL TO ME AT CATADAMSFANS@GMAIL.COM with a paragraph about which one of my characters you would most like to have lunch/dinner (breakfast?) with and why. I will draw a name from the entries at random. Prize is to have your name appear in the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Mystery, or (eventually—it may be quite a while) the next Celia Graves novel –your choice.