There are six more remaining days to join the FREE HEALING SESSIONS which will be up to March 31.
There are two time slots to choose from. The first one is
at 6:30 pm to 7:20 pm New York EDT (4:00 am - 4:50 am IST).

The link is . Just copy and paste this link to your browser.

The second one is from 8:00 pm to 8:50 pm New York EDT (5:30 am - 6:20 am IST). The link is . Just copy and paste this link to your browser.

Feel free to choose which time slot is more convenient based on your time zone. You use the same link each day.

The format of the healing:
Start with giving gratitude, then a prayer, ask for blessings and healings, then bless Mother Earth, every person, every being, the COVID-19 virus, the people affected/infected with the virus and the frontliners (healthcare workers), the souls of the departed ones due to COVID-19 then the closing prayer.

It is great that healing is received before the Global Coronavirus Meditation so that you are better channels in blessing Mother Earth in the hope of ending this pandemic sooner than scheduled.

You can continue blessing Mother Earth after the Free Healing session by joining Master Glenn for the Global Coronavirus Meditation. Go to to join. Make sure you launch in your desktop or laptop or download the Zoom us on your mobile phone if you intend to use your cellphone.

The meeting ID# is 6 75-010-679 and the password is 780076.