Advertising is so important now!

I know what you were thinking when you read my opening comment. You're saying to yourself, "My goods are on a container ship sitting in the port of -------- and why should I advertise now what I can't deliver?"

The answer to your question is that if you don't, your competition will. So what if they can't deliver now either. That may be true but sooner or later the dock workers will realize how much money they have to make and they will start working 24/7 to unload the goods. When this happens buyers will look for a supplier quickly and if you are known to them, you will get the order.

Make the investment in your business now and reap the rewards soon. This is not theory, this is fact.

Let Today's Restaurant tailor a program for your company today that will stay within your budget.

Thanks for your time.


Howard Appell
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