August 31, 2018 - Issue 18-34

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Procrastination is a human tendency. There may be a few exceptions, but certainly most of us put things off from time to time, because:

We're daunted by the enormity of the task.
It requires challenging someone we're not confortable challenging.
There's some other unpleasant aspect of the task.
We're involved in some other activity that we'd rather not, and/or it's inconvenient, to suspend or terminate.
_________ (fill in the blank).

Here's Dominic Goddard's take on Procrastination. A friend recently introduced me to Dominic, a founding partner of Owlpha-Omega.  As there's a possibility we'll do some business together, I've been researching his background, and found this most interesting article, in which he recommends "creative procrastination". Among his suggestions for making procrastination work for you:
  • Breaking the task down to make it mentally easier to start on a piece of it.
  • Using procrastination as a reward for completing a step in the task.
  • Mentally addressing issues in the task during times of procrastination.
  • Mentally solving issues unrelated to the task. Even if those solutions don't apply directly to the task at hand, they will energize you.
We all (as far as I know - someone will no doubt tell me they don't) procrastinate to some degree. Since we're not likely to suddenly kick this tendency, let's look at ways to harness it to help us move forward in our lives and businesses. Dominic Goddard explains how here.


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