Volume 10 | January 10, 2018
We Make People and Companies Happier by Bringing Them Together
It's a new year with new priorities, new ideas and new challenges. New openings on your team or needed new roles may also be a part of your new year responsibilities. Finding and hiring people costs your business time and money. A good recruiter is a money maker! Let me be the one this year to help you with your business. Thanks!

In this issue:
  • Matt gives us an earworm
  • Kathy wants to know if you're part of the win
  • Memorable results are Brian's thing
  • Chavilah, OMG...Los Angeles?!
Proust Pop Quiz
Matt Johnson is a leader who cares about the people who surround him and he strives to make Safelite a great place to work as their Advertising Director. I'm saying this because I've seen it and have felt it. "Authentic" and "Genuine" are perhaps over-used these days, but they're descriptors that are aptly applied with respect to Matt.

And then he goes and really makes me think he's dreamy because he plays guitar and sings. At the Upper Arlington Fourth of July parade this past summer, I heard music coming from one of the class reunion floats and there's Matt at the front of it, sitting on a stool playing and singing for his classmates...and thousands of people. So good.

He takes the quiz this month.

When and where were you happiest?
See the above picture of my crew with an Ohio Stadium on-field celebration backdrop after a come-from-behind Buckeye victory against Penn State this past season. Anytime I’m with my wife and our two sons could qualify as “happiest,” but this moment was especially fun.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
It’s been an amazing journey building the Safelite AutoGlass brand. I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made; from the blank stares I received when people asked what I did when I first started with the company 10 years ago to universal recognition of the jingle today. Sorry for the earworm that you’ll now carry with you for the rest of the day.

What is your current state of mind?
This is not a dress rehearsal. This phrase is continually in the back of my mind. I try to be fully present and live life fully. Life is busy...you can get caught up in your own stuff too easily. I try to make sure I’m engaged when someone on the team needs me. Also, I know I’m in a good window of time with my kids where they still want to be around me and think I’m mildly cool. That window will close once they are a little bit older. I try to make sure I’m present for them now since this is not a dress rehearsal.
Friends in the Biz
I love to hear about all of the good things going on with the unique people who are a part of my life. New roles, great ideas, accomplishments and whatever else that gives me a kick are celebrated and shared here. 

Lt. Col. (Ret) Kathy Gallowitz is a contributor to our country and to our community who has my admiration and thanks. Her desire to help others and develop leaders is her mission now.

Who do you know that is serving or has served in the military? Do you know a wife, husband, sister, brother, parent, co-worker or friend who cares about one of these special Americans?

Have you ever asked any of these people how military service impacted them? Did it change them? What did they learn? Where did they travel? Did they make life-long friends? Was it fulfilling? Scary? What was the hardest part?

Does your high school friend who just got off active duty and recently returned from war need help finding a job? A place to worship? How can you help connect him or her back into civilian life?

Have you ever reached out to get to know a Veteran? Offered a helping hand?

As the connector who champions the civilian-military link, Kathy leads a movement to develop civilian champions who are willing to step up and serve Veterans. She is Chief Innovator at Vanguard Veteran , a for-profit social enterprise

"They're a number of ways that I go about cultivating civilian champions," she says. "There's broadening awareness about the great things civilians are doing to support Veterans. Speaking to individuals and groups about ways to creatively expand opportunities to support Veterans. Every day is Veterans Day!"

The opportunities for civilians to support military/Veterans are endless. On behalf of the community, Kathy asks, "What could you do? Are you a part of the win?"

To join the movement and become a civilian champion, you can connect with her at: kathy@vanguardveteran.com or call her at: (270) 945-7286.

Brian Lindamood is the Director of Content Marketing for Manta Media , one of the largest online communities for small business owners. He leads a content strategy to empower business owners with expert advice and educational resources, covering marketing, technology, and management topics. "Our content shows business owners how they can get a good return for their efforts with a smart digital marketing strategy. We help them save time by focusing on what works."

I first met Brian when he was one of the featured panelists at an AAF Columbus event that was focused on media and advertising. At the time, he led the magazine division of the Dispatch Media Group for 10 years, directing the editorial teams behind Columbus CEO and Columbus Monthly magazines, and he helped create and launch Capital Style (2009) and Crave (2011) magazines. "The energy and excitement in Columbus led to the lifestyle magazine," he said. "In the case of Crave , there's wasn't a magazine to cover the outstanding food scene and we wanted to celebrate what was happening."

For nearly a decade before joining the Dispatch, he was Editor of Columbus Alive . This experience included the creation and design of Alive's very first website back in 1996. Needless to say, he has stayed ahead of a lot of trends in print and digital content over the years.

As you might guess from his background with Alive and Crave magazines, Brian's other passion is the Columbus food scene. He's a member of the board of trustees for the nonprofit North Market Development Authority, where he enjoys discovering new flavors and supporting the next generation of food entrepreneurs. "The North Market is such a gem for our city. We're fortunate to have it and it's as vital as ever." This past year he's been on the Merchant Committee and finding new flavors, like Momo Ghar has been the most fun and exciting aspect of his experience on the committee. "It's satisfying being able to bring these to the market and sharing them with the community."

The most exciting trend in Columbus dining right now? Distilleries. "Columbus is lucky that it has two craft distilleries, Watershed and Middle West, that are both making really interesting and accomplished drinks," he said. "It's amazing that just in the last year, they both have opened outstanding restaurants as well, serving great food in stylish settings, each in their unique way. I think it says a lot about the creativity and innovation that is fueling our city's growth."

You can follow Brian's digital marketing and content strategy advice on Twitter and LinkedIn . Brian's words are lingering in my mind as I compose this month's newsletter..."When you successfully deliver content that informs and delights your audience, it can lead to truly memorable results."

Chavilah Bennett is an Art Director with Super Lame Games , but...not for much longer. She'll be moving to Los Angeles later this month to continue her growing freelance business and to take on the adventure she's been yearning to go on since her days at CCAD .

"I began my career as a graphic and web designer, but was given an opportunity by SUPER77 to do animation and motion graphics. I'm so grateful for the people who have been a part of my growth. I learned more at SUPER77 than I could have anywhere else," she said. "Everyone in this studio is so talented!"

Like many designers, she has been taking on freelance assignments. "I've been working with lots of startups on a freelance basis doing explainer videos and will continue to focus on that work and more in Los Angeles."

I first met Chavilah when she was an outstanding student at CCAD. We would then later serve together on the Board of Directors of AAF Columbus . Her early involvement with AAF Columbus contributed to her understanding of what she wanted to do with her career. "I started volunteering as a Sophomore with AAF and got involved with the American Advertising Awards' Judges Weekend event. I was so inspired by the work. I had gone beyond the campus and it expanded my ambition. I encourage everyone to do the same."

"So many people along the way have helped me. The community got me through school with all of their support and my scholarship meant the world to me." Chavilah has been giving it back. "I've been involved in student mentorship programs, portfolio reviews, and supporting students in any way I can." She has plans to do even more. "My hope is to get people the exposure to bigger cities and opportunities. Plans for a student trip for those who desire that exploration are in the works."

Chavilah's early experience with networking at events provides insight to anyone who is considering doing the same. "Take that first step. It was scary going to an event by myself as a recent grad. But, once I struck up one conversation, it lead to others. It took courage, but it was so worth it!"

She'll be continuing to stay connected to Columbus. "This city has been everything. My love of art and design grew here," she said. Thanks for your contributions in Columbus, Chavilah! Here's to your continuing success wherever your path leads...Cheers!
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