Dear Neighbor,
In 2017 we saw many Public Officials being more Naughty than Nice.

Some politicians lose their way, I suppose, and get focused on the wrong things. Some probably ran for the wrong reasons in the first place.
I ran for elected office to serve,
not to be served.

I will continue to prove it to you through my actions and words.

My 2017 year-in-review is included below, and I encourage you to write to me to share your views on what is important for Miami Beach in 2018.

Happy New Year!


Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán
2017 Year in Review
In John Mayer's song Waiting on the World to Change he sings "Its hard to beat the system when we're standing at a distance, so we keep waiting... on the world to change."

But we don't have time to wait.
If we want change, we must MAKE it.

We cannot afford to stand at a distance if we want a better Miami Beach, a better State, a better Nation, a better Culture, a better Earth.

Below are highlights of some of the change I drove in 2017:
Addressing the Miami-Dade County Commission on the harmful practice of Conversion Therapy
Health and Safety
  • Created zoning for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries to keep them out of Residential Buildings.

  • Created zoning to keep Sober Houses and Detox Centers out of Residential Neighborhoods.

  • Approved a new emergency radio system to close communication gaps that endanger our police force.

  • Funded additional police officers and park rangers.

  • Funded behavioral health, nurses and clinics, and police officers in our public schools.
Environment, Flooding & Sustainability
  • Vocal Champion for our City's Resilience in the face of Climate Change (see video).

  • Required Land Use Boards to evaluate Sea Level Rise criteria for all projects.

  • Required super-majority vote of Commission to lessen any of our Resiliency Criteria.

  • Created sustainable roofing and other "green" building incentives.

  • Banned use of polystyrene in floating docks.

  • Demanded accountability from our Waste Management vendors for leaking garbage trucks.
Throughout the year, I met with many of you at your homes with the City's engineers to talk about stormwater and flooding. Bad information travels faster than good, and fear-mongering is alive and well. I encourage homeowners to fact-check the rumor mill, and feel free to email me for assistance.
schools girls
  • Funded additional Arts Education at Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center

  • Created Digital Bootcamp: a FREE coding class for Miami Beach Residents (Register by January 11th!)

  • Piloted City School Bus to reduce traffic at peak times

  • Created the City of Miami Beach Youth Music Festival to provide performance opportunities for aspiring musicians
No Commissioner can claim accomplishments without acknowledging the support of their fellow Commissioners, the City Administration, and Staff.
My gratitude and compliments go out to City Attorney Raul Aguila, City Manager Jimmy Morales, City Clerk Rafael Granado and all of the Commissioners who voted with me and supported me in my efforts to enhance the Quality of Life in Miami Beach. THANK YOU ALL!

It is always an honor (and just plain fun!) to celebrate with our seniors, meet with residents, and cut ribbons to celebrate completed projects.
2017 was no exception!
SLR Road Raising
As we turn our attention towards 2018 and beyond, I want to thank Mayor Philip Levine for his incredible impact on Miami Beach, and proudly welcome our new Mayor, Dan Gelber. We are blessed to have such world-class leaders willing to make the sacrifice of public service.
2018 ... Be Part of the Change!
Stay Alert!
I created the Miami Beach Resident Connect application to alert you when the Commission is going to discuss and make decisions that affect you.
Sign up today!
Follow Up!
While you may not have time to attend Miami Beach Commission Meetings, you can easily stay informed by reading the "After Action" (Legal Minutes) as part of your routine.

Click " Agenda Archive " under "Quick Links" on the City website.
My Secret Weapon!
It would be impossible to make such an impact without the assistance of my Commission Aide, Cilia Maria Ruiz-Paz!

I thank her dearly for her hard work and big heart!
John E. Alemán | City of Miami Beach Commissioner | 786-459-7111 |