Hey there!

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!!? I left the house!

Remember how last time I wrote I told you that I hadn’t left the house in over 90 days? As of this weekend it was around 130. That also meant absolutely no activity. 

It. Was. Time. 

We searched online and found a nice little trail less than a mile from us in Derry, NH! I (quite literally) dusted off my hiking shoes and packed my bag for an adventure! 

It was beautiful. It felt amazing to be active! It also felt… EXHAUSTING. My legs were JELLY. I was beat. But I was also invigorated and energized for the rest of my day! 

We only made it about ½ hour total. I would have loved to have kept going, but my legs and heart didn’t quite agree. We’re going to keep practicing and next time we’ll do 35 minutes. We’re going to keep working toward my goal. 

Yup – I have a new goal. I’m going to climb a mountain in the Fall. It’s going to be a small mountain, but I want to push myself and be able to see the incredible views that I know exist up there. 

Goals. Such an interesting theory. Sometimes they’re scary and feel unattainable and sometimes they’re within reach. I know that I can reach my goal of hiking a mountain if I keep up with the trail hikes. 

If. I. Keep. Up. 

I will want to give up and I will think that it’s not worth it. I will need to look beyond that and see myself standing atop the mountain. 

You see where I’m going here, right? Yeah, business. It’s all the same! We have goals in our lives and goals in our businesses. I am so thankful for my tribe for keeping me going in business, for supporting me through the process of reaching each new goal. 

(I’m only going to give a wink-wink about understanding your biz finances in order to reach your goals… you know I’m thinking it!) 

I’d love to hear from you about your goals and what things you need to keep up with in order to reach them!

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Tips for Financial Success

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about procrastination, and how waiting to get your books done can actually cost you money? Well, the same principle applies to reviewing your books: delaying looking at your books, or worse, waiting until it's an emergency to review them will cost you money.

Okay, Beth, I solemnly swear to review my books each month. But what am I looking for?

Overall, you need to pay attention to your expenses versus your income. You may think you're raking in the dough based on the sales you made last month, but unless you have your expenses under control, the numbers will tell a different story.

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Small Biz Spotlight

Colleen Dubois
Realtor - KW Metro Bedford NH

Buying or selling a house can be a bit overwhelming with many moving parts and lots of documents where you need to sign on the dotted line.

Buying or selling a house is also fun, exciting, rewarding, and part of the American dream!

With extensive market knowledge and her unmatched devotion and trust to clients, Colleen's success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals. She earns the respect of her clients by putting their needs and dreams front and center. She's backed by a team with over 35 years of experience in the business. 

Colleen grew up in Goffstown, NH and currently lives in Manchester, NH and works out of the Keller Williams Bedford Office.
She loves New Hampshire and all the seasons. Her free time is spent with her two dogs hiking and skiing. She's also a photographer, birder, and Yoga Instructor. 

She's licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

Colleen's here to help you with any Real Estate Needs. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram to find your perfect home!
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One of my favorite tools to use when I'm working on staff onboarding is HelloWorks. Instead of using PDF forms which never seem to be filled out correctly, HelloWorks lets me create easy to use and mobile-friendly forms. But wait, creating my own documents sounds super hard and time consuming, right? Not with HelloWorks. Just imagine if Google Forms and DocuSign had a baby...it would be HelloWorks! Visit their website so you can try it out for your own business!
At Beth Blaney & Associates our top concern is providing small businesses and solopreneurs freedom from the number-crunching and office work that pulls them from their fields of expertise. We relieve our clients of the demands of running an office so that they can find freedom to focus on what they love to do. We alleviate the stress and chaos that can accompany bookkeeping and office tasks. We also keep up with new regulations so you don't have to!

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