Yesterday I had my last birthday before I turn 50 . It was a great weekend  with friends, family, hiking, singing, eating, and shopping in Williston (jk, box store shopping is not my thing). Here's one more thing I want: 50 new Peace & Justice Center members!

We lost funding this year because of stances we took on Palestinian solidarity and trans-inclusion. New members (starting at $15/year) will make up for this financial loss and help us build a better, more effective and inclusive space. Read more about the benefits and reasons to join below!
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PJC Educational Programs & Events
Toxic Whiteness Discussion Group Tuesday, September 10, 12-1pm, PJC.
This space is held specifically to process how white supremacy culture is toxic to white people. The hope is that by joining this space, white people will be better able to allow for the emotional needs of people of color to take priority in multi-racial spaces. FREE

The Way Home: Women Talk About Race in America Wednesday, September 11, 4-6pm and 7-9pm, Marquis Theatre & Cafe, 
Middlebury. 64 women representing a cross section of cultures speak their hearts and minds about resistance, love, assimilation, beauty, power, and more. To be followed by discussion. Co-sponsored by Middlebury SURJ. Suggested $10 donation. 

Saturday, September 14, 2-3:30pm, PJC. Explore the history of global trade and how it has come at the expense of native nations,and see the Fair Trade Movement as an alternative that ensures producers in the Global South are given access to the global market and provided with basic human rights. Stay after to learn about volunteer opportunities at PJC. FREE.
Tuesdays September 17, 24, and October 1, 6:30-8:30pm at Saint Michaels College, Colchester.  This three-part program is designed for all who are concerned about the impact of racism and/or white privilege on our children. It includes resources, discussion, and role playing. This program is held in collaboration with St Mikes Civil Rights Alliance. Fees vary. Register online here.
Rapid Response Training T uesday, September 24, 7-8:30pm, 241 N Winooski Ave,
Burlington.  Join us for a Rapid Response Training to learn about how community members can show up in support of immigrants and the farm-worker community in times of crisis. We'll be going over how to recognize immigration enforcement around the state, resistance to checkpoints and how to support farm-worker leadership in #Not1More Deportation campaigns. This location is wheelchair accessible. 
Undeterred Thursday
September 26, 7-9pm, Starksboro Public Library. Border residents have been on the front-lines of the humanitarian crisis caused by increased border enforcement build up. This film is an intimate and unique portrait of resistance from the residents in a small rural community, caught in the cross-hairs of global geo-political forces. Entry by donation. Profits benefit Migrant Justice. RAICES, and the Vermont Freedom Bail Fund.
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Marketing Volunteer
We're looking for a volunteer with a knack for marketing (both planning and implementation) for our store! This opportunity will give you the chance to learn about ethically sourced goods, the importance of labor rights, and the Fair Trade Movement. Learn more on our website!
Work at RAD
Rights and Democracy is looking for a Digital Engagement Coordinator for Rights. This person will work with teams in Vermont and New Hampshire on a wide range of grassroots and political initiatives leading up to the Presidential Primaries. Visit their website to learn more.
Voices for Palestine: 
Israeli Military: Open-Fire Regulations Caused Many Deaths in Gaza

According to information from a U.N. body and shared by the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, at least
206 Palestinians have been shot dead, including 37 children, during protests along Gaza's eastern and northern boundaries since March, 2018. More than 7,800 Palestinians have been injured by live fire.

Citing additional data on the crisis in Gaza from the World Health Organization, B'Tselem notes that "physicians have had to perform amputations in 139 cases - 30 of which involved minors and 121 involved the lower limbs. Moreover, 24 people have been left paralyzed as the result of spinal injuries."

In late July, the Israeli government finally admitted what had been painfully obvious and well documented: its open-fire regulations had led to the deaths of many protesters.

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September 3, 2019
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For 40 years, we have followed the lead of and simultaneously led our members to do great things. Members are the backbone of the organization.

Many state repression tactics rely on people being isolated. Defense against state repression requires strong relationships and collective thinking that we are able to develop at the Peace & Justice Center. As a membership organization, we build stronger movements that can make change. Members keep us accountable and build power.

Without member dues, we wouldn't be able to pay rent, have a copy machine, pay staff, and share our infrastructure with activists around the state. Members sustain the organization financially.

We are 40 years old! Folks who were founding members are aging. We need more people, and younger people, to keep us afloat.

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From the Blog: Race Against Racism-- Thoughts from Youth Organizer

-Hope Petraro, Student Organizer

At the first-ever Race Against Racism -- as the runners and walkers were taking off, cheered on by a crowd of people, with music booming in the background -- a friend turned to me and asked, "Hope, how does this feel?"

It was a feeling I couldn't put into words. I had founded the Race Against Racism in 2017 in an effort to push discourse regarding race and racism out into the open in Vermont. I wanted to help ensure Montpelier and Montpelier High School are strong communities that visibly welcome diversity. I especially wanted to make space for people of color in Vermont to love themselves and feel supported in their cultures, languages, religions, and heritage. It's a space that is sometimes hard to find in a mostly-white state like Vermont, and a space that I longed for for a long time growing up here. Since I was young, I've been passionate about bringing others into the fight for a better world - and with a team of organizers coordinating a 5k through the city, volunteer opportunities, musicians, speakers, art, food, and so much more, the Race Against Racism does exactly that.

The Race Against Racism is not only a physical race but a societal one; a race against racism in each of our communities. 
 Welcome New Board Members!
The Peace & Justice Center is excited to welcome three new board members! Read a little bit about them below.

Aden Haji
My name is Aden Haji. I am currently the youth coordinator for the Multicultural Youth Program. I am a UVM graduate with a bachelors in Anthropology. My family migrated from Kenya in 2003 and we have been living in Burlington ever since. I started community organizing in my last few years of high school and it has been a great experience for me in Burlington. I am the oldest of 6 kids. I enjoy playing basketball and connecting with new people.

Kahlia Livingston

My name is Kahlia. I'm a Burlington native who is passionate about social justice. I graduated from Burlington High School in 2014 where I then attended the University of Vermont and earned a bachelors degree in Political Science and Sociology. Combined with my own personal experiences, I learned a lot about the discrepancies in society regarding race, class, gender, and sexuality through my academic work which helped shape my consciousness about these very present societal issues. I've been seeking an institution where I can work towards a like-minded agenda to help spread awareness about these problems therefore,  I'm excited to start participating in PJC projects and help expand our influence around the state. I look forward to learning more about the organization and help make progress wherever I can be of service.

Chuck Brewer

I'm Chuck Brewer and I have been living in Burlington for two years now and work as a community psychotherapist after relocating from Boston. After seriously flirting with the idea of a career as a priest, I decided that the role of a psychotherapist would be the most effective way I could help people discover how to live authentically. Anyways, I am a military brat so I was raised overseas during childhood and early adolescence. These global adventures have contributed to my understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism and more often than not I see the bonds that tie humanity together as opposed to highlighting those things that separate us. Both of my parents share a communitarian streak in them which is why my sense of self is similarly strengthened when volunteering in my community; the Greek conception of eudaemonia being applied to the community is definitely at play here, I would imagine. I really enjoy reading books on science these days but will read some philosophy on occasion. I also enjoy classical music, jazz, and the blues. I am finishing my third album (pop music) and am very excited about the upcoming fall and winter seasons as I really dislike Northeastern summers - it's too humid! Finally, I am quite fond of beetles, cats, house plants, and snails.
Community Calendar
This is a partial listing. See more in our public  calendar .
The PJC is not directly involved in all of these events.  
September 3, Tuesday
  • 5:30-7:30pm, Community Voices for Immigrant Rights organizing meeting. RAD office, 241 N Winooski Ave, Burlington
  • 6-8pm, 350VT meeting. 350VT Office, 179 S Winooski Ave, # 201, Burlington
September 4, Wednesday September 5, Thursday September 6, Friday September 7, Saturday September 8, Sunday September 9, Monday September 10, Tuesday September 11, Wednesday September 12, Thursday
  • 6-8:30pm, Film: Major! Main Street Landing Film House, 60 Lake St, Bulington
September 14, Saturday September 15, Sunday
  • 3-4pm Engaging Across Difference. Rokeby Museum, Ferrisburgh
  • 7-8:30pm, Central VT Climate Action meeting. UU Church, Montpelier
September 16, Monday September 17, Tuesday
  • 6-8pm, 350VT meeting. 350VT Office, 179 S Winooski Ave, # 201, Burlington
Please email us events for our google calendar and enews
Action Highlight: Protest Against the Planned Basing of the F-35s

Four other communities have demonstrated enough 
public outcry that the Air Force has changed basings. 
Join us to do the same here!

This Friday, September 6, 5-6:30. Meet outside Bernie's office (1 Church St, Burlington), march to Sen Leahy's office (the Democracy statue on Main St), and then to City Hall.
Our demands are as follows: 
  • We demand an open Town Hall meeting with Senator Sanders and the people of Burlington, South Burlington, and Winooski so he can explain his position and listen to our concerns. We are demanding the same from Senator Leahy and Representative Welch.
  • We demand that the faulty Air Force Environmental Impact Study be redone in a transparent way with active input and participation from affected residents in Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski participating in the study, and that it also include a climate impact component.
  • We demand that the Air Force Cancel the planned deployment of F-35's at Burlington International Airport.

This protest is co-sponsored by 28 groups and counting. See the facebook event and the press release for more information.
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