Update to my Communiques

I will be reaching out at least once a month to my subscribers. No more than twice a month to fill everyone in on what's happening with my writing. This is the initial email to give people a heads up.

Some of you are subscribers from previous blogs and I've included you here. Should you wish to stay on this new list, you don't have to do anything. If you wish to no longer receive these communications, simply scroll to the bottom of this email and click unsubscribe.

For those sticking around, you will be receiving my typical monthly email within two weeks.

I've also created a sign up form at my website.
C. Jennings Penders
Yes, there's a new email address

Don't fret!
I have ONE new email address to correspond with my new business website. It is important to me that I maintain continuity.

My CJPPhotos email is still my preferred way to reach me but when you receive email via cjenningspenders you'll most likely see chris@cjenningspenders.com
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