Hello Albert,

This is an image that was featured in my brother Dan Kaufman's newsletter this morning. Anything that encourages more conscious breathing works for me! It reminds me of my Albert's 11 Life Tips Series. Click here to give that a whirl (you'll be automatically added to a new list).

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Recently I offered a webinar on using Facebook groups. I recorded it and I believe you'll find it does a good job explaining some of the "why" of using this platform and the "how", as well.

Facebook Groups How To Webinar with Albert Kaufman

I'm continuing to use Constant Contact frequently for all sorts of projects. One that's going really well is an effort by a group of us in Portland, Oregon to phase out gas-powered leaf blowers. Given the summer we've had full of wildfires it looks like a good idea to use less fossil fuels in every area of our lives. We've managed to build an email list of over 1,000 people in a very short time as this topic seems to resonate with people. Here's a copy of our most recent newsletter.

I'm practicing what I preach - using various tools to build an email list. I hope you are doing this, as well. It seems to be a very successful route to whatever you're trying to accomplish. Whether it's selling more; reaching out to more people; trying to get people to change behavior, or whatever it is you're trying to do - building an email list and then sending to that list on a regular basis works.

Talk to me if you'd like to get started with this, or want help/encouragement to keep going.

Have a great end of Summer.


Albert Kaufman


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