Tell your friends and win!
Share my blog and you could win!
I am relying on word of mouth to grow my blog so...

I want to reward you for sharing it with your friends!
I am giving away a prize to you and a friend when I reach either:

  • 500 new Instagram followers
  • 150 new blog subscribers

Whichever comes first!

  1. Share my blog with people who might like it.
  2. Fill out these few questions afterwards. -----> LINK<-----
  3. Wait for me to reach 500 new IG followers, or 150 new subscribers.
  4. I will select a winner at random and contact you from the form entries, and you can pick out a prize!


On Instagram, tag them on a post or share my profile URL with them. (I included a screenshot if you don't know how.)


Send them this link to my blog and tell them to subscribe!

Last but not least, fill out the questionnaire and you're entered to win!

I currently have 996 followers. Proof is in the pic.

What PRIZES could you win?
Amazon Gift Card
Cute Outdoor Wine Glasses
Pink Mirrored Sunglasses
What would you pick if you won? Gift Card?
Cute Outdoor Wine Glasses
Pink Mirrored Sunglasses
Don't forget to fill out the questionnaire to win!
You're the best! Thanks for sharing and
I hope you win!

Kelly Garashay