15 June 2011
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I'm sorry, I am not perfect..

As premise, please forgive my being emotional in this email as I too am only just human. I was hesitant to write to you, as I am not one who normally rebukes, however, I was strongly urged to do so by an overwhelming number of my supporters.


"For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

~ Matthew 7:2 ~

(New International Version)


I am well aware of the concerns circulating with regard to some of my programs, which I am sure a lot of you are questioning as to why so.


Nevertheless, let me first express my heartfelt appreciation for all the unwavering support that a lot of you have been giving me the past few weeks, despite all the negativity that have been blown way out of proportion.


"The lot of critics is to be remembered by what they fail to understand."

~ George Moore ~


I believe that you cannot judge something you do not know of and it is a pity that a few people have tried to make issues about me and some of my programs. I am bothered because they absolutely have no knowledge of these programs since they have not even tried it or continued with any of them. Some even leveraged on my credibility and integrity and profited from such and yet they turned their backs on me.


"The man who strikes first admits his ideas have given out..."

~ Author Unknown ~


As much as I couldn't believe it at first, it is very obvious that such moves against me were very well orchestrated. It is very evident that this hullabaloo was planned by first initially posting a comment on a website, followed by disturbances in my assemblies, then emails to a lot of my students and followers, and then sustained by a series of condemning comments, posts, updates, notes and blogs following an obvious template, which, in effect, puts me on trial by publicity.


An example of such disturbances in one of my assemblies was that such accomplices even had to go to the extent of creating a scene infront of everybody with a ready-made signature campaign against me and one of my programs, when they could have easily approached my staff to raise whatever concerns they had.


But I am very proud to say that they did not get the sympathy of majority of those who attended. In fact, several of this majority even stood by me and spoke out loud, driving these accomplices out of the venue. They stood by me because they believe in what my programs and I can do for them as they have already seen the change in their lives.


I would also like to address the issues regarding some of the policies my team and I have implemented. These policies are enacted to be fair to all of my students, aside from protecting my programs from "syndicated attendees" who reap what they have not sown or have joined for free. We have had instances in the past of attendees completing a program then complain in the end just to be able to give excuses not to pay for programs. What's more is that people take it against my team and I for helping them reduce the costs of my programs and of what they have to pay for.


I would like to make it clear that I have not deceived anybody as all pertinent policies are clearly stated in all of my forms, stubs and even in email reminders, which students have to accede to before they can join and of which those who have attended my programs willingly agreed to. Nobody was forced at gunpoint to join or agree to such terms. We live in a free world and everybody always has a choice.


Maybe some of you are parents like me who have kids who are still in school. Even if our kids do not attend, skip or cut their classes, we cannot just go to their school and demand for our money back. Another is for those with their own businesses; you know that all your products and services have both direct and indirect costs, as my programs and operations do too. Even before a client or customer buys your product/s or avails of your service/s, you have already spent money on them just to be ready to sell or deliver on them.


There have also been issues with regard to the level of content that I deliver in my programs. I do not think I have to explain myself further with such an issue as I already have living testimonials to address such an issue. Simply put, if I did not teach anything, then I wouldn't have had students in the past who are now millionaires. A lot of them have even given testimonials, both video and written, as to how much my teachings have made a difference in their lives. It is also funny that even some of those who are speaking against me are also living testimonials themselves and have earned at least PhP 500,000 from one of my programs.


What's even funnier is that people call some of my programs a scam. Is it a sin to share my wealth to my students/partners/investors? It even makes me think about people out there who claim that they want to help people but who can't do the same when it can be done by practically anyone.


Let me give you an example. One of my businesses, my micro-financing/lending/bridge financing business gives me a return of up to 36% per annum. Is it so bad that I want to give back more to my students/partners/investors and share my wealth to them with the hope of making a change in their lives because they have also helped me help others who were in need of capital?


My programs are not "too-good-to-be true" as they do not give false promises to people, they do not promise to "double your money," or even the "monthly or weekly unbelievable return" scheme. I am now exploring with my legal team all administrative and legal remedies available to me for any false accusations, implied or otherwise against my person and programs. More so, I do not think I can also be blamed or am liable for a scam in the past that has no whatsoever connection to me at all, simply because that person became one of my students, and whom I have only met in one of my programs.


To illustrate how this attack is orchestrated, one of my partners even went to the extent of asking those attendees with issues to try a program of mine even for just a week, and if they still think it is a waste of their time and money, he would even, from his own pocket, give their money back no questions asked and was even willing to issue a check right there and then. Why go to the extent of stressing themselves out and going the extra mile just to defame me and not just wait for a week to say my programs are not worth it?


Bottom line is that I too have to face a fact of life that I too cannot please everybody. If I am weak in spirit and am not true to my dream of creating my one million Filipino millionaires, then all such negativity would have already stopped me from pursuing that dream. Hey, I can just stop teaching people and earn even more from my deals simply because I have more time to do so. To hell with helping people right?! WRONG!


"A statue has never been erected in honor of a critic.."

~ Jean Sibelius ~


I would like to even take this opportunity to thank all my detractors, enemies, attackers, hecklers, disbelievers, cynics and haters as you, more than all of my success stories combined, have given me even more reason to carry on in my quest to create one million Filipino millionaires. You my critics, who have even openly admitted and believe that my techniques work, are my living proof that my programs and I are truly making a difference in the lives of people because you wouldn't be going the extra mile to discredit me if you did not think so. A wise man once told me that every man and woman who has accomplished anything of value in the history of this earth has always been criticized.


As a popular saint once said, and if you will allow me to paraphrase, people should not continue on a quest or a task if such quest or task does not bring in or create any problems or difficulties as such may not be the will of God. But carry on if what you are doing brings you a ton of headaches and heartaches, as you are doing the work of God because Satan is doing everything in his power to stop such work.


I believe that leadership demands sacrifice. And if taking all the hits and blows would entail helping more people and make more changes in people's lives, then let it be so and "let the man who has no sin cast the first stone."


Furthermore, because of such acts I am now compelled to further hasten the revolution of creating one million Filipino millionaires, and together, we shall "rise and rise again until lambs become lions!"


"...to know that even one life has breathed easier, because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


Yes, I am sorry I am not perfect, but I will forever strive to perfect helping people achieve what they could never in their wildest dreams imagine they could!


Now, I believe that I have said my piece and so I leave it to you to decide on the course of your lives, and to God to decide my fate.




Even more & will forever be dedicated to your success,